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Virtual desktop manager.

enable Virtual Desktop

Enable Software Pty Ltd

enable Virtual Desktop includes: customizable desktop size, hotkey desktop switching, mouse and window selectors, fully customizable appearance (including different wallpaper/patterns/colors for each desktop). Customise the mini-window via semi-transparent display, titlebar control, both Taskbar and SysTray icons, Always on top and Autohide facilities, contents mode (exact miniature replica of your desktop), desktop themes and global hotkeys.

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Build distributable multimedia screen savers

AMI Screen Saver Construction Set

Alchemy Mindworks

AMI Screen Saver Construction Set builds distributable, multimedia Windows screen savers of your family, your corporate logo, advertisements for products, desktop themes or your most inventive fantasies. You can assemble screen savers with your choice of pictures, sounds and text. Extensive documentation gets you up to speed quickly. Download an evaluation copy and try it out. Design your screen savers to do just about anything you can imagine.

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Screen shoots, Icon convert, View images


(Hermann Hehn) HushPage

CoolCap is a great tool for creators of desktop themes, help files or programs. CoolCap is a MDI Picture viewer using a thumbnail gallery to browse for images. CoolCap provides basic image editing functions alternatively it allows to edit your image in MS Paint. CoolCap provides multiple ways to create screen shoots, a feature even to save selction rectangle to repeat the shoot at same postion. By converting those images into high color

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Editing and Making desktop themes

TopThemes Manager

Topthinks, Inc

TopThemes Manager is easy to use for editing, deleting & making desktop themes!!! You can create a great desktop themes with this simple utility. TopThemes Manager replaces, deletes & makes the Desktop Themes for Microsoft Plus! Works with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 systems. You can use the thousands of free desktop themes on with this utility. Free upgrades.

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Crash Icons is 3D desktop sreensaver

3D Crash Icons Screensaver

3D Desktop, Ltd

This beautiful 3D screensaver takes over a screen shot of your desktop. In the screensaver was added real physics engine which makes collisions between icons look very realistic like in real world. User can also set one of five smooth camera moves so you are able to see your desktop from many various 3D perspectives. You can even set your own MP3 as a custom soundtrack and many more featuresy more features.

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A collection of 3D Blue Animated Cursors.

3D Blue 2 Animated Cursors

W. J. Harnden, Jr.

A collection of 256 color coordinated 3D Blue Animated Cursors for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. They replace the standard Windows mouse pointers with animated versions, with many optional versions to choose from. Although specifically designed for true color or high color video cards, they will work with all Windows video setups (256K and up). There are 64 cursors in the set. The cursors are copyrighted but free for personal use.

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Screensaver 4.1 James Buchanan Photography

James Buchanan Photography Free Screensaver

James Buchanan Photography

Download version 4.1 of this popular screensaver & multi media movie of a photographic collection by well known Melbourne Photographer James Buchanan. This is just one of his digital photographic collections available by download which displays his photography folio in a digital multi media type format with pictures sounds and animations. This is a fully functioning program that is free with no limitations.

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Flying Icons is 3D desktop sreensaver

Flying Icons 3D Screensaver

3D Desktop, Ltd

Flying Icons 3D Screensaver is unique 3D based screensaver for your PC desktop. Screensaver uses actuall user`s desktop with all icons which are turned into 3D objects flying in the 3D world. User can set various speed of icons flying across desktop, spining icon cubes, set various shapes of icons, play own MP3 soundtrack and many more features.

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Fallinq Icons is unique 3D sreensaver

Falling Icons 3D Screensaver

3D Desktop, Ltd

Falling Icons 3D Screensaver will amaze you by smooth 3D animations. Screensaver uses actuall desktop with all icons and turns them into 3D objects. Icons affected by gravitation are falling&moving on PC desktop like in real 3D world. This screensaver contains real physics engine which makes collisions between icons look very realistic. User can set one of three smooth camera moves so you are able to see your desktop from various 3D perspectives

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Skinnable menu and task management util.


Winstep Software Technologies

NextSTART is a powerful, skinnable, and dynamic pop-up menuing system and task management utility that can be used as a replacement or supplement to the Windows Start Menu. NextStart also offers an incredible amount of flexibility so that the user can customize it to his needs and tastes.

Software Keywords: dock customization customize customizing


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