Disk-cleanup Software

Clears the Windows document menu

Clear Documents Utility

Chris' Software

Allows you to delete selected file(s) or remove all the files in the Windows Documents Menu. Recent used files cleaner application removes traces of last opened files and documents.

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Asian board game for kids and their family

Shih Tao

K&R Software

Shih Tao is the Windows software adaptation of an old Asian board game. It's all about placing stones on the board following the rules of Shih Tao. Each stones has two characteristics, a symbol and a color. In the beginning we place six stones for you and hide the remaining stones in the pouch. Now it is your turn to fill the board according to the rules of Shih Tao. You can play alone against the high score or challenge your family/friends.

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Next Generation Calculations


Tiksi Labs

Next Generation Calculations. The CalcBoard is a straightforward utility to construct and estimate expressions. CalcBoard supports:Calculations using units; Interval arithmetics; A wide range of standard functions; Easy (calculator-like) interface; A set of persistent variables to assign expressions to, Syntax highlight. Using CalcBoard you can execute complex multistage calculations and even write simple programs without programming

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Create and distribute your own screen savers.

GraFX Saver Pro

CDH Productions

Use images, animation, video, and audio to create professional screen savers in record time! GraFX Saver Pro supports over 70 image/video formats! It also supports all popular audio formats (MP3, CD, WAV, MIDI, etc) for background sound. Advanced features include 2000+ special effects; complete control of size, position, transition, effect, display time, background and caption for each screen individually or apply settings globally; and much more

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