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Utility for search of files in archives.

AX-ZIP Finder

AX Systems

This is a search utility for searching ZIP, CAB, RAR, JAR, ACE and 7Z archives and files in them. The program interface allows to arbitrarily limit the search range from one file to several disks. Additionally you can use inclusion and exclusion filters. The found files can be extracted from the archive by simple drag-and-drop.

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an award winning collection of tools

Advanced Windows Optimizer

GOG Software

Advanced Windows Optimizer is an award winning collection of tools to optimize and speedup your system performance. it contains utilities to clean registry, temporary files on your disks, erase your application and internet browser history, cache, cookies and more. you can control startup programs that load automatically with windows, find duplicate files, fix broken shortcuts and uninstall software.

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Excel document recovery tool

XLS Regenerator

Dmitriy Primochenko

XLS Regenerator is a brand new recovery solution for lost, damaged, deleted, overwritten Microsoft Excel documents. It efficiently recovers a separate lost workbook from an existing partition as well as lost excel files from corrupted, deleted partitions or reformatted disks.

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Drive browser, virtual drive creator, etc.


Webdesign Mika Salonen

Drive is a great Windows-based, full-featured pop-up drive browser, virtual drive creator, CD autorunner, and much more. You are able to get a fast access to your drives at any time. Floppy disks, hard disks, CD drives, network drives, virtual drives, etc. are supported. Now you can open, browse, run, or play your drives and disks automatically. In addition to that, Drive also allows you to create and remove permanent or temporary virtual drives!

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Solve Towers of Hanoi puzzle

Towers of Hanoi for Pocket PC

Setup Group

Solve Towers of Hanoi puzzle. You have a small collection of disks and three piles into which you can put them. The disks all start on the leftmost pile, and you want to move them to the rightmost pile, never putting a disk on top of a smaller one. The middle pile for intermediate storage.

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Easy-to-use backup util with many features



Backup solution with agentless backups of remote computers, patch technology, Disaster Recovery, Continues Data Protection (CDP), encryption and database backups allows you to protect your information everywhere, anytime - at home, at work, or on the road and stores it safely on hard and removable disks, FTP Server and Amazon S3.

Software Keywords: easebackup restore dvd open files cd amazon s3

PDF search, compare, convert and index tool

PDF Manager


This utility is a Adobe Acrobat PDF file search, index, compare and convert tool. Advanced PDF Manager includes: Compare PDF - this utility allows to company Adobe Acrobat PDFs and compare folders with PDF files; PDF Search - this utility allows to search for PDF files on local hard disks and across the network; PDF Index - this tool allows to create an index of PDF files and search in it; PDF2TXT - converts PDF to text.

Software Keywords: index adobe acrobat pdf2txt search pdf compare pdf index pdf compare adobe acrobat

Organize your mp3 collection

Abee MP3 Database Organizer


Abee Mp3 Database Organizer is a program for sorting out your mp3, wma and ogg files. It searchs files at your computer disks and then classify them by artists, albums, years, genres and by first letter of title. Thus you can find easyly any song you want.

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Get rid of spyware and adware in one click!

True Sword

Security Stronghold

Fast, easy, and handy, True Sword protects your computer against malicious programs, doing harm to your computer and breaking your privacy. This programs include trojans, spyware, adware, trackware, dialers, keyloggers, and even some special kinds of viruses. True Sword scans your hard disks and registry and destroys any manifestation of such malicious programs.

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A tool to control access to removable devices

DeviceLock Me

SmartLine Inc.

DeviceLock Millennium Edition gives network administrators control over which users can access what removable devices (floppies, Magneto-Optical disks, CD-ROMs, ZIPs, etc.) on a local Windows 95/98/Me computer. Once DeviceLock Me is installed, administrators can control access to floppies, CD-ROMs or any other device, depending on the time of day and day of the week. Remote control is also available.

Software Keywords: cd lock devices windows security protects 98 me


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