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Enjoy this Free Diamond Mine screensaver!

Free Diamond Mine Screensaver

Puzzle Game Download

This Diamond Mine download screensaver based on the popular game will take you on a fantastic journey to the famous PopCap diamond mines. Download this free Diamond Mine game screensaver with lots of amazing Diamond Mine game scenes and enjoy hundreds of gems sparkling right on your desktop!

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Free cloudy sky screensaver

CloudLand Screensaver

Cresotech, Inc.

Self-installing FREE screensaver featuring twenty beautiful photos of cloudy sky. Sunset, sunrise, daylight... Most photos are taken by the sea and in the mountains. Download screensaver for free and enjoy the variety of cloud land slide show with 150 special transition effects.

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An outstanding 3D representation of Pluto!

Planet Pluto 3D Screensaver

Astro Gemini Software

Far far away, at the very edge of the Solar System lies Pluto, the ninth planet from the Sun. It is not only much smaller and less massive than every other planet, it is also smaller and less massive than seven moons of other planets. It has one natural satellite, Charon, which is half the size of Pluto. There are many other interesting and controversial facts about this planet that you can learn if you download this screensaver.

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Enjoy this Super Collapse game screensaver!

Super Collapse Game Screensaver

Puzzle Game Download

This ravishing free Collapse game screensaver will bring wild block-busting excitement and fun right to your desktop. Download it and enjoy this Super Collapse game absolutely free. It is great fun for the whole family

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Dive into the world of exotic fish and corals

Marine Life 3D Screensaver

Astro Gemini Software

Let this 3D screensaver take you on an unforgettable diving adventure to the heart of the sea. Explore the beauty of the underwater world with vibrant corals, colorful sponges and gently swaying plants. Fancy little clownfish, vigorous seahorses and other exotic creatures gracefully swimming in crystal clear water add more splendor to this stunning scenery. Dive into the depths and be awe-inspired by the mind-boggling diversity of marine life.

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3D Earth model will rotate on your desktop.

Astro Earth 3D Screensaver

Astro Gemini Software

After you download this screensaver you won't ever have to buy a worldwide travel! It's on your screen! Realistic 3D Earth model will rotate on your desktop.

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The depths of space on your desktop!

Free Space Screensaver

3D ScreenSaver Jam

Would you like to see the way our planet looks from space?

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Dive into the depths and enjoy the beauty!

Free Fish Screensaver

3D ScreenSaver Downloads

View enchanting underwater images of fish and other sea creatures. Dive into the depths and enjoy the beauty of marine life. Watch sea creatures swimming above a colorful, moving 3D coral reef. The new version has improved fish movement as well as aquarium sounds and bubbles.

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People travel in the world.

Nature Screensaver


People travel in the world for seen natural thing of the world. Our natural screensaver create with more natural thing of the world and good slideshow. Download and enjoy today of your free time in office and home computer. Feature of birds screensaver: * Install and uninstall opportunity * Your own setting opportunity * Windows 98, 2000, 2003 and XP Supporter

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Enjoy this Bejeweled 2 game screensaver!

Bejeweled 2 Game Screensaver

Puzzle Game Download

This free Bejeweled 2 game screensaver will take you to the fascinating puzzle world. You will marvel at amazing sparkling gems and dazzling effects in a wide variety of exciting Bejeweled 2 game scenes. Download this free Bejeweled 2 screensaver and enjoy the popular PopCap game absolutely free!

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