Duplicates Software

Easily remove duplicate emails, contacts

Super 1-Click Outlook Duplicate Delete


Removes/merges double e_mails, contacts + appointments with just one click. Duplicate contacts aren't just deleted but merged together so that no information can be lost Plus: You can undo everything. In one-click-mode just 1 single click suffices and the duplicates are safely recognized and moved into the recyclebin. No questions asked. Try the free demo now!

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Remove Duplicate Files - easily

Remove Duplicate Files

Remove Duplicate Files, Inc.

Remove Duplicate Files - easily? Remove duplicate music files, remove duplicate MP3 files, remove duplicate photos, remove duplicate files of ANY type - automatically right now. Free up to 60% of space on your computer, laptop, flash drives - in one click with automatic duplicate file remover. Find, Remove, Delete duplicates and even more - sort and organize all your files. More info and free duplicate remover download at RemoveDuplicateFiles.org

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JOC Web Finder: Search for web pages fast

JOC Web Finder

JOC Software

JOC Web Finder (JWF) is a fast and efficient tool to search information on the web. JWF saves you counteless time by searching all the engines simultaneously and automatically browsing page after page. Results are returned almost instantaneously and can be viewed immediately in a Web browser. Support project files, remove duplicates, filtering, boolean operators, offline searching and many more. Compact and easy to use. A MUST HAVE program.

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Automatically delete duplicate Calendar items

LBE Calendar Deduplicator for MS Outlook

Leigh Business Enterprises Ltd.

Automatically delete duplicate Calendar items from MS Outlook. Move them to your Deleted folder or another of your choice. Prefix duplicates with a phrase of your choice.

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Fast modern and easy duplicate picture finder


Assembly Developers

Finding duplicate images has never been easier. PhotoSort does this for you, and does it fast. This utility is completely written in assembly language in order to give you maximum performance and take as little space as possible and at the same time brings you a modern looking, and very easy to understand interface. You will start finding and removing duplicates in matter of minutes.

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List manager and comparison program

List Remove, Compare & Duplicate Manager Software


This program gives you a number of options to manage your lists. Load a single list and remove list items that contain certain text, remove blank entries from the list, or delete duplicates from the list. Load two lists and compare them to keep matches or to subtract differences from one list to the other.

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Free metasearch app with 6 web categories.

Telescope Search

Alkali Software

Telescope is a web metasearch engine, which combines results into one list, removing duplicates. It allows you to query 38 search engines in 6 categories: Web, Directory, Image, News, Research, and Freeware. It supports natural language, keywords, or boolean operators. The Verify feature checks the relevance of each page. Has Find in Results and search history features.

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extracts email addresses from MS Outlook.

Email Extractor Outlook


'Email Extractor Outlook v3.2' extracts all email addresses from Microsoft Outlook and all .pst file including multiple recipients, Contacts, Drafts etc. folders with/out DUPLICATES. extracted email addresses can be saved in a simple text file in Many different delimited (such as tab delmited, new line , csv delimited) format.

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Powerful manager of Internet bookmarks

Belkasoft LinksManager


Organize and manage your bookmarks easily with Belkasoft LinksManager! Search them by different criteria, find duplicates, export and import from XML and IE favorites. Programmers, make use of handling MSDN links. Increase your performance with extremely convenient feature of binding shortcuts to frequenlty used links. Easily track all your links that you have copied through the day with the unique 'clipboard logging' feature and more...

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Simply get rid of double mails+contacts...

Super: Outlook Duplikate loschen


Deletes duplicate Kalendereintraege, e-mails+contacts with just 1 mouse click. Contact items aren't only deleted, they are merged, taking the best data from each version into one big contact. You can undo everything! In oneclick-mode just 1 single mouse click suffices and duplicates are securely recognized and moved into the wastebasket. No questions asked. Go, get it!

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