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All-In-One Content Management System (CMS)

AIOCP (All In One Control Panel)

Tecnick.com S.r.l.

AIOCP (All In One Control Panel) is a Content Management System (CMS), a professional all-inclusive solution to completely manage a website or portal through a userfriendly web-interface (WMS - Website Management System). AIOCP is also a framework for web application developement and includes e-commerce and e-business modules.

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Advanced Portal Software

Advanced Portal Software

Advanced Portal

Get a complete E-business suite with your website when you host it with us. This portal includes auctions, store, forums, project management, content management, automatic translations, scheduler, banner management, newsletters, Live Support, CRM.

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CRM For E-Business.Send Customized Mails.

Mass Mailer

XYZSoftware Inc.

Mass Mailer - CRM For E-Bussiness is a powerful Customer Relationship Management program capable of sending customized e-mails to desired customers fast and easily. With Mass Mailer Customer Relationship Managers, Companies selling things online or even Individual people dealing with thousands of emails everyday will have a chance to find more time for coffee breaks while Mass Mailer doing all the required job. Differently from the early r

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Puts your ezine promotion on auto-pilot


Soft Idiom Limited

This automated software product lets you instantly promote your ezine through hundreds of online ezine directories, announcement lists, free ad sites, and more. Increase your subscribers, market your ezine with a few simple clicks of your mouse. Stop manual ezine and news submissions and automate your marketing efforts. You earn a generous 35% commission on each sale plus another 5% on all your sub-affiliate sales. Complete marketing toolkit and support provided.

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Webform > Email > E2db > Database

E2db Server

Interkonect Services UK Ltd.

E2db Server is a web form generated email to database software solution. E2db server periodically collects emails containing information entered by your website users/customers. E2db processes those emails and posts the information submitted by those users to any database, such as Microsoft Access or SQL Server, on your computer or network. That information is then ready for immediate use by other software applications, or by yourself.

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E-commerce shopping cart software.

ezimerchant Professional

Infomedia Ltd

ezimerchant Professional builds your online store through a simple point and click process. Simply enter your product details into a database and ezimerchant Professional handles the rest. Capable of handling thousands of products ezimerchant Professional suits both small and medium business. ezimerchant Professional will allow the small business owner to quickly build a web site with complete e-commerce facilities.

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Ecommerce ready shopping cart solution.

smc WebStore Lite

smc technologies, Inc

An entry-level shopping cart for the small ecommerce website. Designed for the small business owner with little or no HTML experience and the beginner webmaster. Designed for storefronts with 100 products or less, smc WebStore Lite provides all of the functionality required to run an online store at a very affordable price.

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Sign online documents with the mouse!


Toucan Multimedia

Allow your website users to sign documents online using the mouse as a pen! Now legal documents and agreements can be displayed online and signed instantly using the mouse as a pen. WebPen eliminates the traditional hassle of downloading, printing, signing, and faxing. An easy signup process avoids lost sales! Free version has watermark behind signature, commercial version does not.

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Ecommerce with a small online catalog.

smc WebStore Free

smc technologies, Inc

Create an ecommerce catalog and sell your products online with a FREE shopping cart. Designed to be easy to use for the small business owner with little or no HTML experience, yet full-featured to provide an easy shoppers experience.

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Easy document conversion into PDF, TIFF, HTML


Software602, Inc.

602PRINT PACK is a low-cost, easy-to-use conversion tool that perfectly suits any user who is looking for fast, one-click document conversion. Be in complete control of file formats. Easily create PDF documents, TIFF, JPEG and other graphic formats from any application that can print. Create a document in your favorite word processor, spreadsheet or other application, convert it with 602PRINT PACK and then send it instantly by e-mail.

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