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Methvin | Converter


Methvin | Converter is a freeware tool that can quickly convert all measurement formats and units into others. The application's other features include the ability to add user-defined conversions.

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Image enhancement software

Imagic Photo Enhancer

Imagic Photo

Graphics software Imagic Photo Enhancer is a photo enhancement software that gives your pictures a beautiful, professional look without the fancy, expensive studio equipment. Utilizing a specially advanced 'Virtual Lighting' process, Imagic Photo Enhancer transforms your ordinary, dull, flat looking photos into detailed, rich, glowing, beautiful images.

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A small drive desktop-bar


Christian Frerichs

A small drive desktop-bar.Please look at the screenshot. Every 60 Seconds the program will be initialized. New (Net) drives will automaticly added to the MiniBar. You can see all Drives on the CFMiniBar. You can adjust whether the MiniBar will be minimize after a certain time, so that she does not disturb so much on the Desktop.

Software Keywords: drive task desktop bar hard disk icon

Simulator of KR580 controller

KR580 Emul


Simulator of KR580 controller. Can input program in asm and hex codes. Check programs for work ability. View all registers and flags at the same time.

Software Keywords: check code for input register


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