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Increases the capabilities of Autorun.

Daboo AutoRun


Increases the capabilities of Autorun. Autorun has limitations to only execute applications. Daboo AutoRun removes these limitations by allowing executables or associated files to be run. For example: You can configure DAR to automatically open an html document with the computer's default web browser when a cd is inserted. Tested file types include: pdf, jpg, html, doc, xls, and exe. This is not the limit, any associated file type will work.

Software Keywords: dvd autorun cd

Database script and query tool

Foxy SQL Pro


Foxy SQL Pro allows you to execute SQL commands and queries against any database. Connections: Native, ODBC, ADO. Supported db: Oracle, MS SQL, IB, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL... Features: automatic pre-parser, stop execution after error, execute only chosen parts of an SQL script, display only enabled commands, display error hints, fast selection of tables and columns, define own types of comments, terminators and keywords, export to XML, HTML etc.

Software Keywords: query sql foxy script

Your computer will make Automatic BACKUP.

Hide Folder Backup

Pilot Group LLC

Try this fully automatic backup software which only requires you to create a backup job and specify when to execute it. The program can be configured to run backup jobs on startup or at given time. Hide Folder Backupsupports a built-in zip compression as well as external zip and rar compressors. The program is natively multi-lingual and supports the growing number of languages. We guarantee you will never need worry for your data anymore!

Software Keywords: data outlookexpress pc battery online system

Aplication to earn space in your disk.

Bodie's Cleaner

Marcelo Dato

Bodie's Cleaner is a program with which, you will be able to eliminate of your disk: temporary files, empty recycled, delete the internet explorer (cache), cookies, i.e.'url addresses , listing of files used recently, history of the i.e., programs discharged, pages without connection, empty the clipboard, listing of the menu execute...

Software Keywords: split diskette backup

make you browse the web more conveniently


XHobby Inc.

WebAngels is a software program which provide you some enhanced functions on IE: 1)make IE recognize your mouse gestures and execute relevant commands such as: refresh or go home. 2)block pop up ad-windows and support trusted websites list 3)protect your privacy by erasing all tracks you left when you browse the web.

Software Keywords: ie pop-up enhanced webangels block some

Get rid of needless apps the best way



This application helps you to control what is started on Windows startup. You can: * remove unwanted applications thus speeding the startup process considerably * keep these applications not starting by using the unique The Black List feature * get rid of all 'dead' entries in the startup list * edit, execute and do whatever you want with these applications in only few clicks

Software Keywords: startup rid best apps needless optimize

print screen capture and make screenshot easy

Capture Screen Studio

Capture Studio Inc.

Capture Screen Studio - print screen capture and make screenshot easy and fast.With the help of Capture Screen Studio you may execute following tasks: - capture and saving the content of the screen or any screen region; - browse image files with large amount of popular formats - print screen images - screen capture from a favourite game; - saving great screenshots from the Internet;and much more...

Software Keywords: capture screeb print screen screen shot screenshot image viewer screen capture

Network-based security software.

Corporate Network Security


Network-based security software used for protecting PC workstations over a network. Impose access restrictions to network PC workstations, execute patches remotely, and schedule reboots, shutdowns, and Windows Explorer restarts. The software supports over 600 different security restrictions and tweaks that let you restrict access to almost every corner of Windows.

Software Keywords: access password screen restrict pc

Organize and execute a successful job search.

JobTabs 2005

JobTabs, LLC

Organize and execute a successful job search by qualifying yourself as an ideal candidate for every opportunity you pursue. JobTabs is ideally suited for professional job seekers such as independent contractors, 1099 employees, IR35 employees, temps or anybody who searches for a job with any level of frequency. JobTabs excels at managing large numbers of recruiters, employers, prof. networks and resumes with exacting detail.

Software Keywords: job search independent contractor it contractor find job desktop software resume

Open any number of files one after the other.


Luzius Schneider

ExecAll helps to execute (or open) any number of files one after the other. - Simply download and run! No installation! - Great for example to run e-Sword resource files, if you want to install a big number of bibles/commentaries etc.

Software Keywords: execall open run multiple multi


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