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One-click Flash website and intro builder.


ELTIMA Software GmbH

Show.kit is a multi-template multimedia authoring tool for one-click HTML and Flash websites building, along with slide-shows, intros and preloaders. Show.kit has a user-friendly interface, professionally made Flash templates and numerous features for their customization, such as image editor, text processor, MP3 support, automatic FTP upload etc. Show.kit proves to be an effective solution for everyone to build Flash web output in 30 minutes.

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You can find look and save frames from AVI.

Frame from AVI


Using the program you can: find and look frame, find and look some frames, create the Set from the selected frames, add to Set new frames. Use original size or use custom size. Make effects for frames. Save the frame or all frames in any formats: JPG, TIF, PCX,PNG,BMP, GIF, TGA, PXM, PPM, PGM, PBM, JP2, J2K.

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Auto set permission to item when it created

SharePoint Permission Workflow


Assign permissions to all SharePoint list items separated from SharePoint list permission settings. With the Permission Boost workflow, permission settings will be automatically applied to each item when a list item is created or modified. Assign ITEM-RELATED users or groups permissions to item.

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Apex SQL Diff compares SQL server databases

Apex SQL Diff

Apex SQL tools

Apex SQL Diff is a Microsoft SQL Server high speed database comparison tool that will analyze the differences in tables, procedures, views, users, etc. between two databases. You will be able to visually observe the differences in the object's script. Apex SQL Diff tool also allows you to programmatically synchronize the two databases based on the comparison analysis.

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