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Fox Recorder is an audio recording tool



Fox Recorder is an advanced audio recording utility great for recording audio files. The program has the ability to transfer CDs, tapes, DVDs, TV, live shows, Internet radio, video games and any other sound source you can think of to your PC. It offers support for various popular formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX, AU, AIFF.

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Gore filled arcade shooting game.

People Shooter


People are committing suicide by throwing themselves from the castle walls! You must kill them before they hit the ground or the special kind of hell reserved for suicides will become full and EXPLODE!

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Fish Slideshow Screensaver

DPSM - Tropical Fish ScreenSaver

DPSM team

When a child many of us dreamt of aquariums. However, living fish is rather difficult to take care of. Now it's possible to have fish at home without taking any care of it. The screen fish! It's as beautiful as the living fish. It's colorful and bright. Watching it bungs joy and peaceful relaxation to mind. Besides you don't need any special place to keep them. They are at the same place any time, on your screen.

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A free program chock full of financial advice

Credit Card Math 10th Anniversary Edition


A free program chock full of advice. Learn how to avoid credit card debt. Goes behind the scenes to reveal the true hidden costs associated with credit card debt. Shows you how to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in finance charges. Credit Card Math has proven to be a timeless classic. Credit Card Math is the perfect teaching tool for breaking the dependency on credit card use.

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