Fragmentation Software

Compact the registry and speed up computer.

Eusing Free Registry Defrag

Eusing Software

Over time the registry becomes larger and larger as new programs are installed, used and removed. Registry fragmentation causes overall system performance to decrease. Eusing Free Registry Defrag is a free registry defragmentation software. It will scan through the registry to remove gaps and wasted space, reducing the registry size and ultimately the amount of RAM the registry takes up, and improving your computer performance.

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Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks

Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks.

Executive Software

The Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks is a stand-alone utility that detects and reports fragmentation-related performance loss on networked systems. The Performance Analyzer provided never before available single-point analysis of systems requiring defragmentation attention to achieve optimal performance. With Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks you can zero in on the machines that need attention and handle them.

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SQL Server Index Defragmentation Software

Visual Defrag

Norb Technologies

Visual Defrag offers a fast and simple solution to the on-going problem of index fragmentation. With an easy to understand graphical display, Visual Defrag will help you get the best performance from your databases. Use Visual Defrag's scheduler to automatically speed up your databases and keep them running at their peak by regularly defragmenting your indexes.

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Defragment individual files



Optimize your hard disk performance. Defragment individual files and do not wait hours for the full defragmentation process to finish. Do not defragment the full disk, this utility allows you to select what files you want to defragment and only process them. Supports both NTFS and FAT32 file systems.

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Defragments disks and optimizes performance


Raxco Software

Make your PC or laptop run faster with one of the best disk defragmentation products. Increase productivity of your employees and maximize your investments in hardware! This software analyzes usage patterns and organizes digital data to minimize future fragmentation. It includes visual statistic, maintenance scheduler and an option to defragment remote computers. Consolidate free space on the hard disk with new technology.

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Automated Disk Defragmenter, Fast and Free.

Smart Defrag


Disk fragmentation is generally main cause of slow and unstable computer performance. Smart Defrag helps defragment your hard drive most efficiently. Smart Defrag not only defragments computer deeply but optimizes disk performance. With "Install it and forget it" feature, Smart Defrag works automatically and quietly in the background on your PC, keeping your hard disk running at its speediest.

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The Number One Automatic Defragmenter

Diskeeper Trialware for Networks

Executive Software

Fragmentation causes frustrating slowdowns, excruciatingly long boot times, and catastrophic system crashes. Your company is losing countless dollars to fragmentation in the form of lost productivity, help desk traffic and premature replacement of troublesome systems. Daily defragmentation is the solution. That's why you need Diskeeper®, the Number One Automatic Defragmenter?.

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New Disk Performance Analyser for XP Networks


Executive Software

The Disk Performance Analyser for Networks is a stand-alone utility that detects and reports fragmentation-related performance loss on networked systems. It provides this never before available, easy to use functionality all from a single location. After installing and launching the utility, you are presented with a list of computers on your domain(s) available for analysis.

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An easy to use graphics effects program

Repligator PRO

Ransen Software

Repligator is a very easy to use graphic effects program. Simply import the image file and hit F7 a few times to see what effects Repligator suggests. The total of 80 effects include: Pschedelic Art, Roman Mosaic, Fragmentation, Stardust, Relief Map, Clouds, Embroidery, Fallen Leaves, Flowers, Ivy, Klee, Ethnic, Cross-Stitch, Sonar, Parnassum and Explode.

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A Screen-Saver that defrags your hard-drive.


Hachisoft Corporation

Increase performance by defragmenting your hard-drive. hsDefragSaver allows automated defragmentation of one or more drives. A fragmentation threshold is used to determine when to defragment. hsDefragSaver runs as a screen-saver while your computer is idle and you are away. A customizable, built-in screen-saver is included, but your favorite screen-saver can also be used in the foreground while your hard-drive is maintained in the background.

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