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Solitaire card game of patience.

Pure Patience

Pingram Marketing

Pure Patience is a card game of patience, or solitaire, as it is called in America. The object of the game is to combine the tiles as a full house. The game is won when the following conditions are met: 1 Each row contains a full suit. There may be only one suit per row. 2 Suits follow each other in the order: Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds. Pure Patience is free. No spyware or adware modules are included; it is just a free game of cards.

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Scan Servers and Workstation for Services


Infinite Solutions

Service Query fills the need with a fast multi-threaded application to search your Windows network for services. Can be filtered to show on those running, stopped or by name. Change Service passwords and usernames across entire domains. Run scripts against selected services to stop a service, copy files, and restart it again. Run reports and save them to CSV file for later use.

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Convert wave files to mp3 files

WAVE To MP3 Transformer


WAVE To MP3 Transformer will convert wave files to mp3 files

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Accounting system for landlords.

EZPZ Landlord

EZPZ Software Limited

EZPZ Landlord is a computerised accounting system for UK landlords that manage their own properties. EZPZ Landlord has all the standard accounting features you would expect from a computerised bookkeeping system, with additional features such as the calculation of rents and automated credit control for tenants.

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