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Upload with this easy to use ftp client.

Classic FTP Uploading Software

NCH Software

Classic FTP is a free, easy to use ftp client that allows you to view, edit, upload, download and delete files from a website or network for free. As its name suggests, Classic FTP has been specifically designed to look and feel like a typical ftp software client. Whilst offering all the same features as other ftp clients, Classic FTP is perfect for both advanced and novice website administrators.

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Upload, transfer or backup files

Fling FTP Software

NCH Software

Fling is free ftp software to help you automate uploading or transferring files. It is typically used to maintain a web site on a remote hosted server or to automate backup of folders. The software supports both file transfer protocol (ftp) and network file transfer.

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Synchronize contents on server and local PC

Rapid Ftp Copy


This FTP software simplify and optimize web site publishing from local to ftp. It maintains information about site files and publish changed files, remove removed files and add new files. Rapid Ftp Copy allow many profiles for different server sites.

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CGI debugging and remote file admin tool


Craig Richards Design

AdminPro is the only web application in the world that empowers users to upload, download, rename, chmod, delete, open, edit and save files, create, rename and remove directories - plus two-click CGI debugging - No need for shell access. No command-line script debugging. No separate text editors or FTP software. Perform all your routine CGI programming and site development tasks in your favorite web browser from any platform or operating system.

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Web based file transfer program

Web File Transfer

SeeBaysh Software

Web File Transfer is web based file transfer software that makes the process of sending and receiving files over the internet a very simple task. It eliminates the need for shipped CD's, e-mailed zip files as well as ftp software. You will also no longer need to deal with the issues associated with trying to transfer large files via e-mail.

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Recover forgotten FTP passwords

Forgotten FTP Password


Recover forgotten FTP passwords stored in any FTP client program. Forgotten FTP Password emulates FTP server and captures the password, which then is displayed to the user. The program supports any client FTP software: CuteFTP, WS FTP, etc.

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DiffVue is a diff tool, aka diff utility.


DiffVue Software

DiffVue is a diff tool, aka diff utility. DiffVue can compare folders/files and compare FTP site's files, displaying differences visually not only the folder contents but also file contents. A single PDF can be created with the existing files/folders. DiffVue provides the enhanced search, and a set of useful tools to make l10n process easier. DiffVue allows you to compare FTP against your local disk for Website.

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Try this FTP client for beginners and experts



Transfer files with ease using this intuitive and powerful FTP client. FtpMonster is a multithreaded FTP client for Windows that's easy for beginners to use and has enough features to be useful to power users as well. Using its intuitive drag-and-drop Explorer-like interface, FtpMonster lets you update a Web site with a single click and resume interrupted downloads or uploads.

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Upload manager


CyTeG (CyberTech group)

1ClickFTP - is an utility for automation of uploading your web-pages, images, archives, etc. to remote server. 1ClickFTP automatically finds new files in your local copy of site and uploads to the remote server only them. 1ClickFTP is also useful for automation uploading several files.

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FTP client for windows 95/NT/2000

FTP client for windows ProFTP by Labtam Inc.

Labtam Inc.

FTP client for windows 95/98/2000/NT ProFTP. Allows you to transfer files between your PC and remote computer. You can run multiple FTP sessions simultaneously in separate windows, with each session connected to a different host. Now FTP connections may be done through existing SSH connection. Download and try it for free.

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