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GOFLOW Lite allows anyone to automate

Automate with GOFLOW Lite

In The Garden Software

Automate tasks on your PC - just by drawing diagrams. GOFLOW Lite is a low cost entry to the GOFLOW automation system. Automate boring computer tasks you do every day: Act when files arrive in a directory, Send alert emails when a website goes down , Automatically restart applications, respond to emails Requires .net framework.

Software Keywords: schedule workflow automize folders folder integration

Internet Pack For GOFLOW

GOFLOW Internet Pack

In The Garden Software

Adds tools to GOFLOW for Internet tasks - sending email and monitoring email, check webservers are operational, and 'scrape' text from web pages. This tool pack plugs-in the GOFLOW automation system. You'll need to download GOFLOW from www.InTheGardenSoftware.com to use this pack.

Software Keywords: scrape web page send email ping web servers monitor email internet pack

Create a second name for an existing file.


GdP Software

Unix users know and love it, now Windows users have the ability to give a single file multiple names. If you have the existing file C:\DOCS\FILE.DOC and execute the command FileLink C:\MEMO\ANOTHER.DOC C:\DOCS\FILE.DOC, the data of the file will exist only once, but it is accessible in 2 directories using 2 different names. Limitations: The link must be on the same disk. The disk-drive must be formatted using NTFS 5 or higher.NT2000 or higher.

Software Keywords: will make link to file symbolic link existing creates names

Email and collaboration server for SMB.

Kerio MailServer

Kerio Technologies, Inc.

For small and medium-sized organizations that need email and collaboration, Kerio MailServer provides a comprehensive solution that has the richest cross-platform collaboration features and the easiest server to administer in the market. Kerio MailServer offers Microsoft Exchange capability with more client choices, more server installation options, richer collaboration features, additional server features, and lower cost of ownership.

Software Keywords: collaboration groupware auto-reply anti-virus caldav

Moon 3D ScreenSaver

Moon 3D ScreenSaver


Have you ever dreamed to view moon of our planet from space. Now you can do it sitting on your chair. Nice 3D model of Moon can attract everyone. Planet statistics will show how great it is.

Software Keywords: 3d graphics moon 3d 3d screensaver screensaver screensavers moon 3d screensaver


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