Gps Clock Software

GPS Clock for PC time sync to NMEA GPS device

GPS Clock

ntp time server

GPS Clock Software is a freeware utility that runs on any Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 workstation or server. The software polls time from a standard NMEA GPS time receiver connected to the host PC's serial port and optionally allows time to be synchronised on the host PC. The GPS clock utility polls GPRMC messages from a standard NMEA GPS time receiver. Information received from the GPS receiver such as time, date, gps status, satellites is shown.

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Compares your computer's time to TRUE time.

PresenTense NTP Auditor

Bytefusion Ltd.

PresenTense NTP Auditor monitors your computer's built-in clock and compares it's time to the real time. Most computer clocks lose or gain time so within a few days, your computer does not show the real time. Many software packages claim to synchronize your computer to atomic clocks or satellite clocks on the internet but how do you really know that your computer's clock is correct? PresenTense Auditor keeps your time client honest!

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Javascript Tree Menu Create Tool

Javascript Outline Builder


Javascript Outline Builder is a powerful Javascript-producing design tool for creating tree menu system on Web pages. It is possible to define text, URL, target and more for the Javascript Menu. You do not need to write any Javascript code by yourself. Javascript Configuration Program will generate it for you. Preview the Javascript Menu in your favourite web browser without quitting the program. All relative files that you need to upload to server will be saved together with the project file

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matrix code screensaver

What is the matrix screensaver

Catalyst Web Design

A matrix like code screensaver with movie music and sounds, done in flash 6.

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Internet Eraser

Internet History Killer

Cyclone Computing, Inc

Internet History Killer is a very useful Internet Eraser that protects your privacy by cleaning up unwanted program history data and erase internet history tracks on your computer.

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