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Create print greeting cards for all occasions

Belltech Greeting Card Designer

Belltech Systems

Belltech Greeting Card Designer helps you design and print or email lovely greeting cards for any occasions with your own photos, smiles, love-signs and more. Create folded cards for birthday, anniversary, wedding, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, New Year, Valentine's Day etc. Add your text, photos with cool effects to create great personalized cards. This card creator comes with a lot of greeting card templates and graphics.

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Make greeting cards using your favorite photo

Greeting Card Editor


Greeting Card Editor makes you easily use your digital photo to create a pretty greeting card. You can also add many magic card frames, flowers, cartoon, jewelry, icon pictures, or write your comments on the card to make it more beautiful and attractive. 220 masks, 100 kinds of flowers, 110 cartoon pictures, 40 jewelry pictures, 50 icons, 220 frames for you to add to your greeting card.

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Create and print beautiful greeting cards.

Belltech Greeting Cards Designer

Belltech Systems

Belltech Greeting Cards Designer is a cool greeting card designing and printing software. It helps you create amazing greeting cards with your own photos, clip-arts, drawings, color-blends, textures, verses and more. Product Highlights: 1)Add your own photos and clip arts. 2)Add cool call-outs, smiles, heart symbols etc. 3)Create quarter-fold or half-fold cards. 4)Use 100's of supplied verses.

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Mutes speakers when you lock your PC


Automuter is an application that stays in system tray notification area (near windows clock). It can mute speakers when computer is locked, when screensaver is running. Alternatively, you can set up you own silent time schedule or mute by hotkey.

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Prioritize Features & Create Product Roadmaps

Feature Prioritization Roadmap Matrix

280 Group LLC

The feature prioritization matrix and roadmap templates allow you to capture and prioritize feature requests and build out an effective and well-thought out product roadmap. Also includes a Roadmap White Pape and a PowerPoint sample showing different types of roadmaps.

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Saves inMemory assemblies to disk

dotNet Sniffer

PV Logiciels

dotNet Sniffer is a small utility that scans managed processes for .Net assemblies loaded from memory and lets you save them to disk.

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