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Comma delimited file editor.

DatzSimple - Comma delimited file editor

Datazygte, Inc

Make simple tables for every day data keeping chores. Have you ever used notepad to edit comma delimited files? What a headache! This program simplifies the means by which you can edit and/or view quoted text comma delimited files. This version supports HTML and XML file export as well. This build has improved save speed performance

Software Keywords: csv comma format editor make simple

A creative multimedia diary keeping software


PIMOne Software

Do you always get headache for the safety and secrecy of your private paper-written diary? Are you tired of the diary with plain text? DiaryOne is a creative multimedia diary keeper software for storing your private information securely. DiaryOne can store not only texts but also multimedia information including sounds, pictures, etc. It also provides various skins and stationeries for your diaries. You can select a diary skin as you like.

Software Keywords: diaryone keeping tool multimedia diary creative personal information diary keeper

You will not forgot passwords with Tray Safe!

Tray Safe

F-Group Software

Tray Safe is the best solution to save&protect passwords! Tray Safe puts away your headache about lost passwords, protects your private information from hackers and provides you with a convenient access to necessary information right from the tray. The combination of the absolute protection and an instantaneous access to passwords makes this application a must-have for anybody who frequently uses the Internet for shopping, surfing and working.

Software Keywords: username password managers passwords encryption program password protect

Software to quickly author autorun CDROM/DVDs

ROM With a View - Director's Cut

Moon Valley Software

Autorun authoring software featuring an intuitive, visual development environment (WYSIWYG), requires no programming language or training class to get the job done. Includes support for creating CDs for display on Macs. A suite of powerful features meets the most demanding production requirements. An elegant script language abstract gives you the control you need without a headache. The editor and runtime offers support for ActiveX controls.

Software Keywords: interactive activex design autorun authoring software build

View and Report multiple Windows Event Logs


Adiscon GmbH

EventConsolidator is an agentless solution for monitoring multiple Windows machines. It provides a single powerful view of all event logs. Its advanced features help to find problems quickly and before they turn out to be a headache. Reports provide in-depth information about your systems - without the need to look at each event log manually.

Software Keywords: windows event log troubleshooting event log consolidation

Remove installed and/or uninstalled programs.

Uninstall Plus! 2004

Virtual Solutions

Completely uninstall programs. Easy find and remove any traces of the previously uninstalled or deleted programs. Scan identify and repair registry malfunctions autmatically. Bacukp and restore registry. Manage and control the programs starting at computer's boot. Make the boot a headache free process. Uninstall Plus! is a quicker and better solution for cleaning your computer and have it running at its real speed and error free at all times.

Software Keywords: backup registry repair errors identify erase scan registries

Small, simple and fast bug tracking utility.


Hajo Kirchhoff - Lit Window Productions

Lightweight utility to track bugs. Designed for single users and small to medium teams. Design goals were: * fast * easy to use * small * no administration headache. * no server required. Features: * email notification * very fast startup * more... The .EXE is tiny and runs on Win98 and above. No installation needed, just copy it to a network drive and run it from any computer connected to the network.

Software Keywords: lightweight defect small tracking

Synchronization and Backup Tool

File Mirror


File Mirror is a small and useful tool which "mirrors" the content of specified directories to other ones.It removes the headache associated with the synchronization of files and directories located either on one computer or on several different computers in your local network.

Software Keywords: synchronizer file mirror replication folder backup

Lets you know when your server fails.


Adiscon GmbH

AliveMon is a network monitor that lets you know when servers or routers fail. Configurable alarms enable you to quickly solve problems before they turn into real headache. You can even automatically take corrective actions by auto-starting programs. Application-specific probes let you check the actual status of your application (like web or game servers). Many other tools just do a ping, which only checks the system itself, not the application.

Software Keywords: monitoring server

Store Your Usernames & Passwords !

CoffeeCup LockBox

CoffeeCup Software

LockBox is an awesome program specially designed to help you securely store valuable information. LockBox safely stores all your logins, passwords, PIN codes, access codes, and any other confidential information in one place. LockBox is your cure for the lost username and password headache! You will never forget a password again with this powerful utility.

Software Keywords: passwords password manager password manage passwords registration codes


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