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Proxymis Multimedia

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real-time direct access to memory mapped I/O.

MemAccess Library

Zeal SoftStudio

MemAccess Library gives programmers control of hardware devices from Win32 application without using the Windows Drivers Development Kit(DDK). The tool allows real-time direct access to memory mapped I/O. Typical applications include ISA or PCI bus devices. MemAccess Library is also an ideal replacement of old BASIC Peek or Poke statement. MemAccess Library provides support for Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT/2000.

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3D Tank Shooter

3D Hard Core

3D Retro Games

Hard Core, a 3D, power packed single player tank shooter, challenges you to seize and destroy the world?s most out of control supercomputer, Hard Core. Armed with a security tank and some ammo, it?s up to you to break into the complex and hack through 50 levels of enemy filled mazes. The trial version is free to download and play and allows the player 10 trials to evaluate the product.

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Embark on the hunt of a lifetime!

Hunting Unlimited 4

SCS Software

Hunting Unlimited 4 combines traditional hunting game elements with a fast-paced mission-based system, for intense hunting action. Players hunt twelve different realistic species of animals across six completely new vast landscapes. Track the quarry of your choice as you explore rugged land across Northern America and on African Safari. Enjoy most exciting and action packed Challenges ever brought to the series.

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