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You are traveling in space.


Crazy Mice

You are traveling in space and your mission is to clear various parts of the Galactic captured by monsters. The game is a classic platformer with impressive high-quality graphics, breath-taking plot and the global system of the spaceship weapons upgrade. You can see all the weapons that you install on the spaceship and this makes it look even more fantastic. Over 40 spaceship gadgets, 30 different kinds of monsters with individual strategies, 5 unique planets with original landscapes, 20 levels.

Software Keywords: fly galactic megablast monsters spaceship xenon

Font manager with ZIP archives support

AT Font Genet

Alex and Alex Soft

Font manager for TrueType and Raster fonts with Explorer-like interface. Support browsing in ZIP archives. You can preview, install or uninstall any font. Also you can extract from the font all available characters and internal information about the font family, text metrics, copyrights, trademarks, supported character sets and much more.

Software Keywords: celtik russian gothics author font manager font show

POS Software , Point Of Sale

POS Software by Plexis

Plexis Software

Plexis POS Software, Point Of Sale for Restaurants, Grocery Delivery, Convenience Stores, Pizza Delivery and Retail. Caller ID Ready. Use Touch Screen, Mouse or Keyboard. Includes Inventory and Barcode, Customer Management, A/R, Statements, General Ledger, Reporting, Multiple Taxes, Discounting and more. Multi-User / Multi-Lane Network option available. Integrated Credit Card Processing option. Very easy to install and use.

Software Keywords: point of sale restaurant delivery home point quick service restaurant

DEADMATCH: a free multiplayer FPS game.


This shooter game is a free multiplayer first-person action game. You can download the game and play with other people over the Internet. The game is very small, so it can be downloaded and installed in minutes. This version of the game is available free of charge. You do not have to register or create an account. Just download, install and start playing the game.

Software Keywords: multiplayer fps shooter action game

Bundle modules to an executable

PE Bundle

Collake Software

PEBundle is a utility that physically attaches win32 DLLs and other files to executables by one of two methods. The advanced bundling technique allows for some DLLs to be bound to the executable without ever writing the DLL back to the disk. The other, simpler method allows one to bundle and compress file(s) with an executable and have those file(s) extracted to disk at runtime. PE Bundle can prevent the need to use an installer program to copy.

Software Keywords: dll seamless binary bundle create

Howly Night Halloween Wallpaper

Howly Night Halloween Wallpaper

Scenic Reflections Screensavers

The Werewolf howls from a hilltop. Does not get scarier than this! Download and install right away.

Software Keywords: howly saver horror wallpaper screen

Trick Or Treat Halloween Wallpaper

Trick Or Treat Halloween Wallpaper

Scenic Reflections Screensavers

Jack O Lantern is here. Get in the groove of the season, deck up your screen and get ready to scare the world. Download and install right away.

Software Keywords: screen groove jack-o-lantern halloween wallpaper fear

PDF creation solution for report server.

GetPDF Report Server

GetPDF, Inc.

GetPDF RSE allows your terminal users to create PDF files from any printable document. It installs a virtual printer named GetPDF, which is accessible for all terminal users. All they have to do is to click Print from their application to create PDF files. GetPDF RSE is a feature-rich PDF creator of industrial strength, which give business the means to effectively deliver existing business documents to partners, customers and employees.

Software Keywords: pdf writer printer server convert create

Completely remove unwanted software.

Uninstall Manager

Nokta Software Inc.

Removing files from your system is a lot harder than installing them. Even though when you uninstall a program with its own uninstaller it may leave leftovers behind. (like empty directories, log files, registry entries etc.) Uninstall Manager is the program that lets you safely remove all unwanted files and return your system to its original state.

Software Keywords: me cleaner uninstaller speed remove uninstall

A universal code and document library.

CodeVista II

MacroVista corp.

With CodeVista, programmers can store and organize snippets of code, whole classes or even complete program install kits as well as any other type of files together with rich text formatted notes and descriptions, Internet links, whole HTML pages and much more! MVCodeVista is directed at programmers (both casual and profi) and other professionals who can benefit from having a capable and extensible document and code library at their disposal.

Software Keywords: snippet code library vb5-0 code database code library visual studio code library vb programming


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