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IP Address Input ComboBox

IPComboBox OCX

April16 ActiveX Components

IPComboBox OCX gives the programmer the ability to add IP address entry to applications easily. The IPComboBox restricts the user to entering only IP address format addresses only. Extra functionality is also provided via the ability to allow wildcard "*" entries when entering an IP address. Also an entered IP address can be pinged directly from the IPComboBox to provide an instant verification of an entered address.

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State of the art shoot-em-up

Space Tripper


Space tripper is a truly modern arcade shoot-em-up, combining the manic gameplay of classics such as defender, with a stunning state of the art 3D engine. Everything you would expect is here : Loads of ememies, big bosses, power-ups and a sore trigger finger!!

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Program for create screensavers.

3DScreen Builder


3dScreen Builder is a program for creating screensavers. But it creates not just standard slideshows with standard transitional effects (If you have tried other similar software before, you know what it is all about). It actually creates three-dimensional screensavers. And at the same time working with 3dScreen Builder does not require any special knowledge in 3D graphics, mathematics or programming, everything is simple and easy.

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Automatically delete duplicate Contacts

LBE Contact Deduplicator for MS Outlook

Leigh Business Enterprises Ltd.

Automatically delete duplicate Contacts from MS Outlook. Move them to your Deleted folder or another of your choice. Prefix duplicates with a phrase of your choice.

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