Ipod Dvd Movie Software

Convert DVD to Apple iPod MP4 files.

Plato DVD to iPod Converter

Plato Global Creativity

Plato DVD to iPod is a expert and easy-to-used Windows application that backup your favorite DVD movies to Apple iPod player directly.With Plato DVD to iPod Converter, you may capture and convert any segment of a DVD movie to iPod mp4 format, you may select target subtitle, and you may select audio tracks of the DVD as you want.

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Convert DVD movies to iPod movies

Acala DVD iPod Ripper

Acala Software Inc.

Acala DVD iPod Ripper is a intuitive to use program which convert your DVD movies to iPod movies regardless DVD CSS and DVD Region. The build-up enhanced encoder deep compress output min files with high speed and lossless movie quality. It is a one-click solution program. It also supports utomatically Shut down your computer after the conversion had been done. it means you can just go to sleep or have a cup of coffee.

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Send/Receive fax - Single computer or Network

32bit Fax


Send/Receive fax from Single computer or Network. 32bit Fax for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP is 32bit, and will work standalone or on a network. You can try it for FREE. If you have one fax modem and you want 1 - 1000 workstations to send/receive fax, 32bit Fax is the answer. The workstations can be any of the following version of Windows, mix and/or match, 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. The server does not even have to be Windows.

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Tray Calendar for Windows - MicroCalendar

Tray Calendar - MicroCalendar

Tule River Software

MicroCalendar is an reference calendar (i.e. not for recording appointments, but rather for quickly looking up dates). Use it to easily check calendar dates without messing up your computer's system time. It features: an elegant user interface; copy-date-to-clipboard and optional auto-copy of date on selection; customizable date copy format; and the display of one, two, or three months at a time; optional "magnetized" main form, and roll-up.

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Feel the fresh breeze of life!

Sparkling Waves ScreenSaver


Our planet is covered by oceans, on its surface there is so little land, nothing strange that the waves are so attractive. Sparkling Waves slideshow thet comes with 29 amazing pictures will take you over the ocean to feel the fresh breeze of life.

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