Jumba Software

Use your strategic skills to clear the board.


Rumbic Studio

Use your strategic skills to clear the board in this jumping puzzle game. You can move any ball, but you have to use it to jump over another one. Once a ball has been jumped, it will disappear. Your goal is to leave only one ball on the board. As the game progresses, you will encounter new types of balls with new traits, making your task more difficult. Get jumping with Jumba!

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View any color''s red, green and blue value.

Color Viewer

Yang Xiujun

Color Viewer can easy view any color's red, green and blue value. A simple color picking tool, good for webmasters and art designers.

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You''re Fluffy Slippers the abominable snowma

Abominable Fluffy Slippers

Mousetrap Arcade

You are Fluffy Slippers ... an abominable snowman! Life in the underground ice caverns has been good, you are the chief of your pack! However, energy is slowly dwindling in the underground caverns. It's your job to take the great slide across the chasm and recharge the ice caverns! Only the fittest of abominable snowmen have made it across the chasm ... will you join their ranks?

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Software for service centers and workshops.

E-Service Center Manager (ESCM) - Server

ITSuperiority Inc.

E-Service Center Manager (ESCM) ? software for service centers and workshops. ESCM represents new generation of management software for service centers. It manages full life cycle of repairing and tuning ? from equipment reception to shipping repaired equipment back to customer. Along with management it provides profit and statistical analysis of activity by different types of work reports.

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