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AutoComplete-enable any Windows Forms app.

Dinky AutoComplete Tool


Add AutoComplete to any WinForms application. Data-entry forms, find boxes, logon screens, file/URL pickers...those types of UI elements will benefit greatly from being AutoComplete-enabled. Dinky AutoComplete Tool will do it for you--without coding! Your users will love the enhancement provided by AutoComplete, because it avoids repetitive typing and it makes forms easier and faster to fill in. They'll love it, because it saves their time!

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Many Moods Of Santa Xmas Screensaver

Many Moods Of Santa Xmas Screensaver

Scenic Reflections Screensavers

This is a screensaver like no other. Besides the active days of Christmas, Santa keeps equally busy throughout the year. Catch him in the act. Download this animated screensaver to watch and love Santa even more and wish him a Merry Christmas.

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ILoveClipboard is a useful software to manage Windows clipboard.

I Love Clipboard


ILoveClipboard is a useful software to manage Windows clipboard. It can completely save your copied data. You can copy one time and paste many times. You can paste the content anywhere anytime unlimited.

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Photo scrapbook, calendar, greeting cards...

Vinci Photo Collage

5DFly Software Inc.

Vinci Photo Collage enables you to easily create scrapbook, photo collage, calendar, greeting cards, photo book, wedding and other artworks with photo templates. Variety of professionally designed templates for family, love, holiday, travel, wedding and other occasions make you realize it easily. It's almost a must-have tool if you have a photo printer.

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Feel the atmosphere of love and romance!

Free Heaven Screensaver

Desktop XP

This enchanting screensaver will bring the atmosphere of love and romance to your desktop. It will fill your heart with warmth and sheer happiness carrying you away to the seventh heaven. Put it on your screen and enjoy the pure perfection.

Software Keywords: free valentines screensaver romance st. valentines day heaven screensaver 7th heaven

3D Valentines heart float across your screen.


7 Angels

3D Valentines hearts float and frolic across your screen. This program is fully interactive, and includes 10 different modules. You can zoom in or out, rotate, reposition, and adjust speed for each module while the screen saver is running. Purchase includes key code to unlock program and license to distribute the program with your key code to all the people you love. Happy Valentines Day! In gratitude, joy, and love, Bodhi

Software Keywords: 3d valentines hearts animation opengl

A suspenseful tale of murder and memory.

Lapses of Memory


What if you had witnessed your Mother's murder as a young child? What if you had no recollection of the murder or who the murderer was? What would you do as you grew older and began to experience voids of time and memory? Would you tell someone about the voids? Or would you keep it all to yourself, for fear that you'll loose the one person you love most? These are the questions Sara Williams must resolve in, Lapses of Memory.

Software Keywords: childhood murder her girl tragic mystery

Cottage paintings with rippling streams.

Country Streams Screensaver

Patti Olsen

Five beautiful cottage paintings come to life with rippling streams and playful butterflies floating by. Soothing piano music plays in the background. If you like cottage art, you will love this screensaver. Treat yourself today.

Software Keywords: soothing music paintings playful butterflies beautiful streams country cottages

Decorate your screen for St. Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day 3D Screensaver

Astro Gemini Software

Saint Valentine's Day is an excellent time to remind all the special people in your life that you love them and really care for them. This jolly screensaver will give you tons of brilliant ideas and entertain you at the same time. Watch as the little rascal known as Cupid shoots his very special arrows making more and more couples happy. Decorate your screen and set the right mood for this adorable holiday celebrating love and devotion!

Software Keywords: right holiday mood set screensaver

Simple checkbook balancing program.

My Checkbook

Surprise Software

My Checkbook is the simplest checkbook software that you will find. With its simple user interface you will be tracking your checkbook transactions like a pro in no time. Checkbook balancing becomes a snap and you will love the built in checkbook calculator that automatically keeps track of your checkbook balance for you!

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