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Use your email spaces as your local disk


Do you want use your email to backup files, photos, even movies? Do you want your emailbox has directory structure? When you use CoolMailDisk, you can do all the works easily. You only do these with your CoolMailDisk just like a logic disk. CoolMailDisk Supports all Explorer shortcut such as "Ctrl + C", "Ctrl + V". Drag and Drop is supported also. It supports BIG files and split it before send and combine it after download automaticly.

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Make net disk with mailboxes mails management

Super Maildisk

Super Maildisk is designed to combine the spaces provided by your email boxes to create an online harddisk.Give you an unlimited network space to store your computer files. It has the similar user interface with Windows Explorer, enabling you to run the online hard disk like running the hard disk on your computer .At the same time, with Super Maildisk you can administer the mails received in your mailboxes.

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Copy ANY DVD to DVD-R without quality loss!

7tools DVD Grab & Burn

Splain-Sever Ltd.

Copy your favorite DVD videos to DVD-R with this reliable DVD to DVD copy expert. It lets you to grab, burn, and copy any DVD. Comprehensive interface and automated wizards make your work quick and pleasant. Mastering and authoring functions are also available.

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E-Delivery Engine is a bulk mailer

EMail Delivery Engine

Lencom software inc

E-Delivery Engine is a high-performance software for opt-in email marketing campaigns, email announcement lists and newsletters . The offered feature set is the most comprehensive version of our industry-leading email marketing software. Flash Animation movies can be embedded in your email message. Unlike other email sending products our tool gives You an unique ability to send Flash movies not as referenced file but as embedded .

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See the 16 Personality Types, Carl Jung, MBTI

Type TV Show


See the 16 Personality Types (Carl Jung, MBTI). Understand yourself and others better. Flow with your natural gifts, and make friends with your other side. Be a better parent. Discover your best career path. See how things may turn around at mid-life. Master the most popular and respected system of personality typology. The animations and sounds make it fun and easy to remember. In sum, the show is about that ancient Greek oracle to Know Thyself.

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