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Fileofax Year Planner Creator

Year Planner


This software prints a single sheet Year Planner for any year, which when trimmed and folded, fits neatly inside that old Fileofax. The 12 month plan can start at any month, useful for the academic year. Events can be included in the plan, both single day or range, optionally recurring anually. Events can be copied between open plans for ease of maintenance.

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Track card numbers, PINS, passwords, etc.

LifeNumbers PalmOS


Under password protection and data encryption, track all the secret numbers of your life: Charge card numbers, expiration dates, PINs, credit limits/remaining credit, current balances Insurance policies Prescriptions Vehicle VINs, maintenance schedule, insurance information Passwords Safe combinations Bugler alarm activation codes Product serial numbers and purchase information Web site URLs, usernames, passwords

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Equipment maintenance management software.

Maintenance Pro

Innovative Maintenance Systems

Maintenance Pro makes it easy to track preventive and repair maintenance on your equipment. Whether you are tracking facility equipment, office equipment, machinery, or any type of object that requires maintenance, this software will do the job. Automated and color-coded alerts instantly show you which equipment requires attention at all times. Easily monitor your maintenance and operating costs. Parts inventory features are also available.

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It allow you  to maintain your site easily.

PHP Portal Builder

Alarit Inc.

PHP Portal Builder is an easy-to-use program designed to facilitate your web portal management and optimize it in the most convenient way. PHP Portal Builder features allow you to create and maintain your site easily and quickly. There is probably no software with such multi-feature-functionality, as PHP Portal Builder has: both back-end maintenance such as creating new categories and validating new submissions.

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Auto Maintenance & ExpenseTracking Software


SCB Consulting

CARCare tracks your auto service history, maintenance and repair expenses, fuel economy, and much more. It reminds you when scheduled maintenance is due, and offers a wide variety of pre-formatted reports. No limit on the number of vehicles you may track, or on the amount of data you may store for each vehicle. CARCare supports US/English and Metric systems.

Software Keywords: history economy total auto service

DownTime Manager keeps track of downtime

Downtime Manager


DownTime Manager keeps track of your equipment downtime.Use it for industry,fleet maintenance computers,etc.Easily track downtime and find the problems areas with equipment.Plots downtime by month,type of downtime and what shift the downtime occured. DownTime Manager is a great help for predictive and preventive maintenance.

Software Keywords: breakdowns networks downtime computers

Auto Maintenance - How to Save Time and Money

Auto Maintenance 101


Auto Maintenance 101 is definitely meant for you if.. You've never been the least bit mechanically inclined, and have convinced yourself of it. You've always instinctively shied away from anything to do with cars except to drive them. You frankly wince at the thought of getting involved with anything 'under a car hood' You have never been 'great' at 'fixing things' anyway; in fact you know next to nothing at all about tools....

Software Keywords: oil time repairs pump vehicle understanding

fleet maintenance mgmt for vehicles/equipment

Fleet Maintenance Pro Standard

Innovative Maintenance Systems

Fleet Maintenance Pro Standard is fleet management software designed to track preventive and repair maintenance on vehicles and equipment. Define custom maintenance services to be tracked by date, miles, kilometers, or hours. Use the PM Wizard to automatically calculate maintenance due. Generates a vehicle history so you can analyze PM and repair costs. Fleet Maintenance Pro also tracks vendors, fuel purchases, drivers, and more. Networkable.

Software Keywords: equipment machinery car fuel fleet vehicle

Schedule Repairs and Service

Dispatcher Deluxe

Time scheduling application for contractors and tradesmen, scheduling repairs and handling service requests. Create up to 10 Work Vehicles. Create Customer records. Schedule Requests for Service, Vacations, etc. Track Service Completions, delete and Reschedule Service events.Schedule Recurring Events such as a maintenance program or weekly meeting. Print Work Schedules daily. Automated Reminder Calls, (Day in advance etc) Print service invoices

Software Keywords: service repairs citrusware tradesmen dispatch contractors

Measuring and ather device database

PromOffice Device Registrar

PromOffice Software

With PromOffice Device Registrar you can build and maintain a database of measuring devices, allowing effectively to serve all complex of devices and to analyze its condition. PromOffice Device Registrar contain: device account ; device types; routine maintenance information; annual reports and charts; malfunctions; logs: shift/service/edit.

Software Keywords: registrar inventory device system promoffice measuring


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