Mathematical Function Software

NLREG performs nonlinear regression


Phillip H. Sherrod

NLREG performs nonlinear regression and curve fitting. NLREG fits a mathematical function whose form you specify to a set of data values. Virtually any type of function can be fitted. NLREG includes a programming language similar to C that you use for describing the function to be fitted. Two dimensional line and three dimensional surface plots can be generated.

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.NET Maths Expressions Automation Component

.NET Maths Component - KineticaRT

KineticaRT Limited

The KineticaRT .NET Maths Expressions Component provides KineticaRT channels that evaluate mathematical and logical expressions involving other channels. The Value property automatically updates whenever an input value changes. Features include real-time event driven expression evaluation, standard mathematical expressions, a library of mathematical functions, time based functions, and multi-tasking & multi-processor evaluation.

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MathCalc is calculator and graph plotter.


YPS software

MathCalc is a handy mathematical calculator as well as easy-to-use 2D graph plotter. The program has a friendly user interface, easy to learn and comfortable to operate. MathCalc can work with two modes: the calculator and graph plotter mode.

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Stock portfolio for Excel

BreakTru StockWatch


Spreadsheet for stock portfolio monitoring. You may create a portfolio with this spreadsheet for Excel 97 or better. Enter your past and present stock holdings. See your gains and losses at a glance. Get on-line quotes directly from web providers.

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Digital Mp3, the most advanced Mp3 Studio.

Digital Mp3 Studio


This is not just another Mp3 Player, but a complete studiothat allows you to Play Mp3, Create Mp3 CDs, Decode,Studio Mix with 24 Band Equalizer, Playlist Creator,ID3 Tag Editor, Skin Support and much more. The bestpart is it's totally FREE.

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Administration software for Worship Leaders.


threeONEsix Software

SetPicker is software designed to make the Worship Leader's task of administering worship much simpler and more coordinated. It is the one place the Worship Leader can go to write sets, schedule team members, keep track of vacation days, write and transpose sheet music, manage song lists, and broadcast email to all members.

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