Memory Development Software

Improve your memory and boost iq score

IQ & eidetic trainer

IQ Test

Improve your memory and boost iq tests score with this amazing program. The program is based on a complex neurophisiologic mechanism that can be used for intelligence improvement. Your iq test score will grow up in several days. IQ Trainer also contains Memory Trainer- software that can be used for eidetic memory development. More information at

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Memory development and testing software

Memorization Master

School of Phenomenal Memory

Learn to memorize things fast with this memory and attention development/testing software. Now anyone who claims that he can memorize things can be tested by our "Memorization Master". The program tests: Memorization volume, Memorization reliability, Memorization speed. These characteristics are automatically summarized in the "Memorization skill increase" index (as compared to the norm).

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Microsoft MapPoint Shape Name Tool

Shape Name Utility

Winwaed Software Technology

Freeware add-in tool for Microsoft MapPoint. Allows a user to view a shape's name and modify it if necessary. Also reports the shape type. Source code available under the Berkeley (BSD) open source license.

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Free Puzzle game featuring top strip models

Harem Games Puzzle

Harem Games Entertainment

Harem Games Puzzle is a free puzzle game featuring top strip models. Puzzle game objective is simple: to complete our beautiful models puzzles. The lower number of clicks combined with the shortest time to complete each puzzle gets the better score. As soon as you complete a puzzle you can move on to the next strip model. As you progress the puzzles become sexier, so play smart and have fun!

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Edit and create iCal files



iCalMaker is a text based appointment creation tool for use with iCal or to create appointment files.

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