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Mobile brochure creation tool

BarbusLab MobiDB


MobiDB is designed to create java applications for mobile devices. To create such applications (MIDlets) you will not require knowledge of programming languages. Just enter the necessary information into the database of the program, and MobiDB will create java application for mobile phone. The program ideally suits for creation of every possible brochures, booklets, catalogues, reference books, tables, sets of information notes

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Program sets limitations on launching MIDlets

Hitonic MIDlet Protector


Hitonic MIDlet Protector modifies MIDlet JAR files and sets various limitations on launching MIDlets (a simple startup banner, a simple launch password, runtime limitations, launch date limitations, launch count limitations, send SMS message). This tool is useful to protect mobile phone applications created automatically, for example, through bookreaders.

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Create your own info-midlet in 15 minuts.



Create your own info-midlet in 15 minuts - without programming! Girtab is a developer tool. It is difficult to program, develop and optimize a midlet with 2 hundreds of screens. It can be a dictionary or touristic guidebook. With Girtab you can concentrate on contents. In Girtab there are many kinds of screens. With screens: forms, text screens, lists, graphics and splashes midlet can be constructed. There are SendHttp, Expire and others.

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Write Mobile Phone Programs the Easy Way

Mobile BASIC

Firth Software

Mobile BASIC is the easy way to write your own Mobile Phone Programs. With Mobile BASIC you can write Mobile Phone programs within minutes using nothing more than your desktop computer - there is even a Linux / Unix Version. Features include: Graphics, Sprite Graphics with collision detection, Integer and Floating Point, String Handling, Trigonometry and Logarithm Functions, Random Access Files, Internet Access, and Commands to generate Forms.

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