Mixing Dj Software

Multi Sound Card music mixing Dj Software PRO



It will play songs and mix them together in the most simple way. Don't worry about doing complex settings only four settings are needed: Transition Type, Transition Time, Cut First and Cut Last seconds of each mixed song. +PLUS the interesting feature of using more than one sound card in the same computer. MP3DJ PRO can playback playlists in diferent sound cards, so more than one window of the program can be running at the same time.

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Clean up your drive from trash.

Clean Up Drive


Clean up your drive from trash. Save valuable hard disk space. The software deletes junk files (50 file types), cookies files, history files, recent files entriues, temporary files, temporary internet files, removed files from Recycle bin and broken program shortcuts.

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Full package for dating site development.

Match service builder

ExplorInform Inc.

Our company offers you a full package for dating site development. The given program has been designed specially for easy creation of dating agency site. With the help of our program you can create your own dating site within 5 minutes... Our software for dating site development combines in itself the most important and the most popular features of dating agency sites all over the world.

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Add a poll or survey to your website.

Pretty Poll

Windward Software Development

Pretty Poll is for the web designer that wants to add some interesting interactivity to their site quickly and inexpensively. When you purchase Pretty Poll you receive 4 programs: 1. Pretty Poll - the actual survey program. 2. Answer Adjuster - to change the number of answers (2 through 10 is legal). 3. Text Adjuster - to change the text of the question and answers. 4. Vote Adjuster - to change the number of votes for each answer.

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