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Shareware Key and Order System



Shareware Key and Order System. You have written a program and you want to provide it as shareware on the internet or on a CD? RegisterClip is what you need! It is implemented as an ActiveX Control and is very easy to include in all development systems like C++, Visual Basic or Delphi.

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XFilesDialog improves standard file dialogs



XFilesDialog will improve the Open and Save (generally the Files-related) dialogs for ALL NORMAL and MS Office PROGRAMS with new features: a) it will automatically resize all those file dialogs; b) it will automatically set the display mode (list/details, sorted or not); c) will add a history of recently-used files and folders - again in ALL the normal file dialogs! d) the current folder will be displayed on the title bar.

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Floating menu effects for your web CSS menus!

AllWebMenus Floating Menus Add-in

Likno Software

Use the AllWebMenus Advanced Floating Menus Add-in to add various effects to your web menus. With the "Constant Floating Menu" option (standard) your menus can "float" all the way through the page as you scroll, while with the "Advanced Floating Menu" option (Add-in) your menus can "float" within specific areas of the page, allowing for different eye-catching navigation uses (i.e. Vertical Floating Navigation, Floating Navigation Tooltips, etc.).

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On-premise anti-spam software

VisNetic MailPermit


Deerfield.com's VisNetic MailPermit represents a comprehensive new approach to spam prevention, combining SpamAssasin's? advanced rules-based and Bayesian filtering technology with a proprietary challenge-response system to create a powerful barrier between your business and costly, time-consuming spam.

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