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Web Cal Plus - HTML web calendar generator

Web Cal Plus

Contact Plus Corporation

Web Cal Plus is an HTML Calendar Generation system. Simply enter your events and Web Cal Plus will generate the HTML code. Attractive multi-color calendars including 12-month year calendars, single month and daily calendars. Includes recurring events, event cloning, holidays, filters, RTF format for beautiful calendar messages. Includes Hebrew calendar, Islamic calendar and lunar calendars with 8 phases of the moon.

Software Keywords: system generation html calendar publishing html calendar

Perpetual Islamic Hijri Calendar & Converter

Hijri-Cal (Islamic Calendar)


Perpetual Islamic Hijri Calendar & Converter. Displays Islamic/Gregorian dates in a dual calendar. It runs on your desktop TaskBar besides the windows clock. Date Prediction method is based on moon-phase data rather than an algorithm (more accurate).

Software Keywords: lunar calendar displays perpetual calendar divineislam islamic

Easy to use and powerful scheduler.

12Ghosts Timer

12Ghosts Inc.

12Ghosts Timer is an easy to use and powerful scheduler for starting applications, opening documents or Web pages, setting up reminders or wake up with music, or previewing the exact moon phase. Executable only 120 KB. Start once, countdown, or recurring per second; or start after logon. Set process priority and window state. Holiday support to run timers on business days only. Batch capable. Optimized timer control for easy usage.

Software Keywords: easy holiday launcher support timer

Halloween Madness Wallpaper

Halloween Madness Wallpaper

Scenic Reflections Screensavers

The Sun sets and the wild Halloween Moon rises. See the madness of Halloween, when Black Cats are most happy. Download and install right away.

Software Keywords: wild flash screen fear halloween

Witchy Night Halloween Wallpaper

Witchy Night Halloween Wallpaper

Scenic Reflections Screensavers

Halloween night, a witch flying to the moon. Watch the black cat winking at you. Get in the halloween spirit with this wallpaper.

Software Keywords: horror fear wallpaper screen witch

Halloween Night Wallpaper

Halloween Night Wallpaper

Scenic Reflections Screensavers

See the moon rise amongst deathly clouds. This is what Halloween night is all about. Scary and frightening. Allow this wallpaper to show you the eerie moon of halloween.

Software Keywords: screen wallpaper clouds night flash

Advanced Date and Time Calculator

Date and Time Calculator


Date and Time Calculator will let you easily add and subtract dates and time intervals in just a few clicks. It features common date-related calculations, detailed date information (julian day number, day of year, etc), moon phase information, birth date calculator, due date calculator, and much more!

Software Keywords: time datediff time interval dateadd add time intervals date

midi/wav player for Windows

Windows midi/wav MCI Player

Moon Valley Software

This is a Windows MCI Player for listening to .midi or .wav files. The application was built for windows using ActiveX controls. For more information, please visit

Software Keywords: mci multimedia midi listening player

Windows Animated Gif Viewer

Windows Animated Gif Player

Moon Valley Software

This is a full-featured, streamlined program built using ActiveX to view animated .gif images. For more information, please visit

Software Keywords: able gif animated freeware

Night seaside travel with a pretty girl.

DVRomantic Seaside Screensaver

DVision Software

If you like to travel with a pretty girl and admire night seaside with moon-glade and relaxing sound of the running waves this screen saver for you. Really high resolution (1024X768 source image size) provides superb quality of animation with the incredibly small size of this screensaver.

Software Keywords: screen screensavers directx romantic


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