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Football Browser is a football themed browser

Football Browser


Football Browser is an American football themed web browser that delivers easy access to NFL and NCAA football news. Read gridiron coverage provided by ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sportsline, CNN/SI, NBC Sports, SportServer, and Yahoo Sports with ease by utilizing tabs and quick links. NFL team websites, NCAA Division-1A conference websites, pro football league websites, and fan forums are also embedded within this pigskin web browser.

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Classic Football Squares Pool

Football Squares

PartySoftware, LLC

Classic Football Squares on the computers. No more messy markers and rulers to line out 10 equal lines. Let your computer keep track of this years football squares game. Just in time for the playoff's and the Super bowl. NFL scores updated via your internet connection approximately every 60 seconds.

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NFL Pool Management software

NFL Pool 2008

Custom Software

NFL Pool 2008 is designed to handle the small to medium sized office football pool. It has many features including up to 100 members, automatic calculations, custom form printing and more.The entire 2008 NFL season is built in.

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Bet management software

Let It Ride


Let It Ride tracks your sports bets on MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS and college football and basketball games. Record your bets, including parleys, teases, overs/unders, both against the spread or money line. A summary section lets you view the totals for every bet between any two dates. There is a statistics page so you can determine which leagues/bets are your strong points. If you use one or more pick services, you can track their performance.

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Tom Brady Screensaver

Tom Brady ScreenSaver


This screensaver shows images of Tom Brady, NFL star of the moment, leading New England Patriots to Super Bowl XXXIX. The outcome is now history.

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NFL screensaver

NFL Screen Saver


Football - a true warriors game. 31 teams in two conferences clashed for the title of champion in 2001. Recreate the thrill with this screensaver!

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Sports Management and Prediction Software

Betting Genius

Betting Genius is a powerful sports management and prediction tool, that enables you to track your favorite leagues, download regularly updated league files from the internet and get very accurate predictions (as high as 80%!) on upcoming matches.

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Program predicts baseball (MLB) game results!

Baseball Predictor


With the help of advanced algorithms based on neural networks this revolutionary software will predict baseball (MLB) game results with great accuracy! - Incredibly simple to use! - 100% automatic, no need to enter any data! - Gives you the best recommendations for the day, Money Line, Run Line or Over/Under! - Updated for MLB 2009 season !

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Predicts winners & spreads using only scores.

NFL Forecaster

100% Cotton Software

Using only scores, it ranks teams & predicts winners & spreads. Over the last 5 seasons it correctly predicted winners 65% of the time (72% for 1998) and spreads 57%. View/print 8 reports and the schedule. Maintains 8 categories of statistics. Only 10 minutes per week are needed to enter scores. Includes Cotton Calendar (desktop calendar that handles sports schedules). Updated for 2003-2004.

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Pro football office pool manager

TSOfficePool - Pro Football

Tesoro Software, L.L.C.

Pro football office pool manager includes the 2003 football schedule. The right tool to manage your office pool that gives you a wide variety of pool configurations and options. The "Easy Pool Setup" feature makes it easy to setup your pool. With pool options that include 2 prediction methods, confidence pts (2 different scoring ranges), point spreads, tie breakers, and 3 different score keeping systems, you can customize to your needs.

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