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Koona, LLC

Options Czar is a free software that was designed for helping the investor or student to learn about the financial benefits of trading with options and combinations of options and underlying assets (stock, currencies or market indexes). The application reads free data from the CBOE web site or data available through subscription (more complete) and presents an interface that allows the user to drag and click to simulate operations with options.

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Be an instant stock options expert!

Stock Options Secrets

Kjell Hasthi

Research based option calculator It also returns bottom line information! One option expert could not believe it (unseen): - It is not possible using a standard option pricing model to obtain either the expected payoff at expiry nor the probability of the price being above How do we know if stock options - or currency options - are overpriced or underpriced?

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New Logic to Monitor All types of Application


Advanced Knack

New logic to monitor (16bit-32bit-64bit,non-device driver service, device driver service). Monitor exe file (all events). creating, changing, renaming, and deleting. Release the following: operating system error, (deleting errors, enaming errors, changing file errors, running application errors, desktop graphic errors, CD-R freezing errors, floppy-disk freezing error. Garbage collection (with search engine). To Clean the temporary files

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Font manager - previews and prints fonts.

FontExpert 2005

Proxima Software

This font manager lets you preview and manage both installed and uninstalled typefaces, plus examine your system for font errors. You can display the list of installed font faces, customizable font samples and advanced font properties. Key features: view and preview fonts, search for fonts, manage fonts, organize fonts, print fonts, view advanced font properties, examine your system for font errors, Windows Shell extensions.

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Web-based Knowledge Management Solution.



powerKNOW is a web-based Knowledge Management Solution to save and share knowledge. Create your own Knowledge Base or Document Management System. It is very effective in managing different forms of existing Knowledge or creating new KnowHow. Critical and valuable Knowledge of an organization can be saved, structured, shared and transferred back into the business processes.Retrieval of Knowledge and Information can be significantly speeded up.

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