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Ahsay Online Backup Software (Linux Platform)

Ahsay Online Backup Software

Ahsay Online Backup Software is a commercial solution for ISPs and online backup service providers. Besides its robust backup features and multi-platform support, AhsayOBS is the only fully brandable solution on the market. It also supports brick-level Exchange backup (including Outlook mails, contacts, calendar, etc) and have specialized agents to back up databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange, and MORE.

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ClearSQL tests and formats PL/SQL code


Nordic Tree Software

ClearSQL is a powerful and flexible tool for formatting PL/SQL code. It beautifies code, adds readability to it by consistent indentation. ClearSQL allows you to pre-process your PL/SQL source code so you can write some code that needs to be portable across multiple Oracle Server versions or maintain a module that is being used for different clients. ClearSQL can be used to do a quick syntax check on your code without sending code to the server

Software Keywords: clearsql syntax code analyzing sql code reviewing pl

Business reporting tool with database support

Easy Chart 3D GEO

GeoBrush International

Easy Chart 3D GEO is easy to use graphical reporting tool for effortless generation of business, management, financial and ad-hoc geographical pie charts (also cylinder & cube) of professional quality. Charts are generated on top of a 3D geographical maps. Geographical Maps available: USA & states, Europe & countries, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Austria, Australia and custom made maps. Oracle, MS SQL, Access & ODBC compatible.

Software Keywords: gis graph mdb tif bmp chart

OlapCube is a powerful tool to analyze data



OlapCube is a simple, yet powerful tool to analyze data. OlapCube will let you create local cubes (files with .cub extension) from data stored in any relational database (including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, SQL Server Express, Oracle, Oracle Express). You can explore the resulting cube with our OlapCube Reader. Or you can use Microsoft Excel to create rich and customized reports.

Software Keywords: pivotchart olap data analysis pivottable analysis services

migrates MS Excel data to Oracle database


Intelligent Converters

Excel-to-Oracle is a program to migrate MS Excel data into Oracle database. Each worksheet becomes a table, each row becomes a record and each cell becomes a field. All versions of MS Excel are supported. The program has easy-to-use wizard style interface and works with all versions of Oracle server.

Software Keywords: csv format migrate xls automatic migration

Parse SQL into parse tree for further process

General SQL Parser

Create parser for different databases such as MSSQL,Oracle to deal with different sql dialects. Syntax check, give the error token, position and hint message. Pretty print SQL statements with lots of configurable parameters, make it more readable. Modify all parts of input sql, then rebuild on the fly. Identify various database objects such as table, field, function in sqls. Create different visitors to visit parse tree for any pur

Software Keywords: parser vcl sql delphi

Sync any database with Pocket PC Contacts.

Pocket Contacts Synchronizer(mdb,xls,..)

Cellica Software Services

View and Sync any Desktop database like Mdb,Oracle,MySQL with Pocket PC Contacts. One unique feature is that you can transfer data to specific category of PocketPC contacts. Features: Overwrite/Append any database to Pocket PC Contacts or vice versa. Overwrite/Append any database to any specific category of PocketPC Contacts or vice versa. Other Pocket PC categories data will be safe while syncing any database with the specific category.

Software Keywords: pim address book pocket pc contacts contacts contacts synchronizer

Intuitive ER-Diagram tool for data modeling



ERCreator Database Edition is a price-competitive and productive ER-Diagram tool for data modeling and database design. You can also generate database scripts for creating the database, Print reports and database diagrams, consistency check the model, connect to the database with the new ODBC interface for creation and reverse engineering. It supports: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Pervasive, Interbase and Firebird.

Software Keywords: odbc logical sql server pervasive interbase

Easy to use helpdesk system - sensibly priced

LBE Desktop Helpdesk

Leigh Business Enterprises Ltd.

Easy to use helpdesk system, sensibly priced to suit all businesses. No extensive training required. Easily configured to reflect the way that you work. Uses e-mail to keep everyone informed. Maintains a complete audit trail of all actions. Extensive reports supplied. Scalable - supports Access, Oracle and Sql Server. Complete control over data presentation including conditional formatting, export to html, print preview, drag and drop grouping.

Software Keywords: helpdesk software issue tracking call center call tracking sizes suit

moves MS Access databases to Oracle server


Intelligent Converters

Access-to-Oracle is a program to migrate MS Access databases to Oracle server. All MS Access data types and attributes are supported.

Software Keywords: free demo mssql convert access to oracle microsoft sql server conversion mdb


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