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Lion Soft

1) Repexpert runs on client site, it can control some printing setting such as paper size. -- Repexpert (Ver 1.2.8 or higher) can remember your appreciate printer and paper size for every report in htmlcss format -- If you print with IE, you have to setup margins each time, sometimes your setting may not take effect. Repexpert can output report to printer directly without display, just like ORARRP

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Create IMDB Based Tags for your Movie Files



Create IMDB Based IDM Tags for your Movie Files. Search and scan the IMDB Website for Movie info, and add this info to your Divx / Xvid movie files as a IDM Tag. Include the Explorer InfoTip Reader, and a context menu to add or edit your own IDM Tags. Includes Delphi 6 Source Code

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Woofy is a free webcomic downloader


Vlad Iliescu

Woofy is a free webcomic downloader, designed for simplicity and ease of use. Its purpose is to help you download and keep an archive of your favorite online comics, while not getting in your way too much. It can download a fixed number of comics, or all the comics published since the last time it was run. Also, it uses comic information files in order to know how to download a certain comic, so it can be easily extended to support new comics.

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Hangman Game for Windows.


CleverClues by Info-Pack.com

Hangman is a traditional hangman style game for windows. Guess the letters! The game automatically keeps score! Build your word skills, hours of fun for the whole faimily. Try the demo for free! Play hangman on your comptuer!

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