Outlook Add-in Software

Internet survey add-in for Microsoft Office.

Easy Survey

MAPILab Ltd.

Software for Microsoft Office, designed for survey creation and conducting. Uses possibilities of MS Access for survey form creation. When survey is created, the special Outlook add-in will create a HTML email with the questionnaire. The respondent fills the received form and clicks the form button to send it back. The same Outlook add-in will process incoming messages, select ones with the survey results and input the data in the Access table.

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MS Outlook add-in for contacts auto storing

Add Contacts

MAPILab Ltd.

Microsoft Outlook add-in. Add Contacts automatically adds e-mail addresses to the contact folder when you reply a message and/or send a new message. This will help you avoid losing addresses of people you correspond with. Moreover, the collected addresses can be used for mail filtering.

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Autmatically prints messages and attachments

Print Tools for Outlook

MAPILab Ltd.

Microsoft Outlook add-in for printing the incoming and outgoing messages and/or attachments. Being an action for Rules it can print the messages automatically without even opening them. It prints documents from ZIP and RAR archives and allows to specify the file types to print. Handy Print Wizard helps you to print selected items or specify the range for manual printing. Toolbar buttons allows to print items by two mouse clicks.

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Spam filter for Outlook 2000/XP

Email Audit

KMsoft Technologies Ltd

Email Audit is a reliable add-in utility for Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP.Its helps to filter and cluster spam, junk, Newsletters and Bounce mails.The email audit utility comes with a host of built in spam control filters and flexible user defined filters.You can also create whitelist of email Ids for ensuring receipt of emails originating from preferred senders.Complements Outlook Rule implementations.

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Easily remove duplicate emails, contacts

Super 1-Click Outlook Duplicate Delete


Removes/merges double e_mails, contacts + appointments with just one click. Duplicate contacts aren't just deleted but merged together so that no information can be lost Plus: You can undo everything. In one-click-mode just 1 single click suffices and the duplicates are safely recognized and moved into the recyclebin. No questions asked. Try the free demo now!

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Keep track of time with TimeCard Mobile

TimeCard Mobile

kalmstrom.com Outlook Solutions

For use with TimeCard for Outlook from kalmstrom.com. TimeCard Mobile helps you manage your appointments and get them ready for reporting even if you are on the field and not at the computer. When you synchronize your calendars, TimeCard data will be updated automatically. Uses the regular synchronization mechanism and only stores information in the calendar, so there are no extra items to synchronize. Works with Windows Mobile 2003, 5 and 6.

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Simply delete duplicate contact email

One-Click Duplicate Delete f Outlook


Removes duplicate e_mails, contacts + calendar items with just one mouse click. Duplicate contacts aren't simply removed, they're merged, so that no data can be lost Everything can be undone! In oneclick-mode just 1 single mouse click is enough and double objects are safely recognized and moved into the recycle bin. No questions asked. Go, get it!

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Quickly remove double mails and contacts...

Outlook 1-Click Duplicate Remove


Searches/deletes/merges duplicate contact entries, calendar items, e_mails with single mouse click. Contacts aren't simply deleted but merged together so that no data can be lost Great: Everything can be undone. In 1 click mode a single mouse click is enough and dupes are securely recognized and pushed into the paper basket. No more dialogs \ decisions required.

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Anti-spam email categoriser


Selenics Pty Ltd

The Bayesweep add-in for Outlook and Outlook Express allows for simple and effective spam control directly from your inbox. Relying on existing examples of emails already in the inbox, Bayesweep provides personalised classification of spam and non-spam emails as decided by you.

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Search & Mine Sales Leads from Internet

KM Navigator

KMsoft Technologies Ltd

Generate sales leads, qualify leads,build favorites and build powerfull Knowledgebase on topics of your interest from the internet quickly and efficiently.The KM Navigator utilises multiple search engines simultaneously and saves a lot of time and money for the user. The results produced by the KM Navigator are accurate and usefull to drive businesses through competition.

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