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RAM Booster Pro v5.0.1 boost up your system''

RAM Booster Pro


RAM Booster Pro v5.0.1 cleans the RAM and stops the Memory Leak. Now No need to restart the system after playing Games OR viewing any DVD, RAM Booster Pro v5.0.1 will automatically stop the memory leak and will boost up your RAM.

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Boost your PC Performance in 1 click by 200%


Digital Millenium Inc

Keep your computer running like new, make it "Fast and Stable" with a single keystroke! Get MemZilla 4.8; The safe, effective and easy way to boost your system's performance ! If you're tired of having to reboot your PC, living with endless crashes then MemZilla is for you! With MemZilla running your PC will feel faster, more responsive and will crash less often; no matter if you have a old 486dx or a brand new Pentium4 - 2Ghz Super Computer.

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PAL Registry Cleaner/Optimizer

Registry Cleaner/Optimizer

PAL Solutions Ltd.

PAL Registry Cleaner/Optimizer is a simple registry cleaner for Windows that safely cleans and repairs registry problems with a single click. By regularly cleaning your system's registry it becomes more stable, your computer will run faster, error messages will be reduced or eliminated and your operating system will run smoothly.

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Speed up pc performance,fix registry errors

PC Accelerate

NTechnologies Inc

Each working program has its priority. Windows kernel priority is highest, other programs work with normal priority. Why? We may increase any program's priority not loading processor!

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Max PC Secure

Max PC Secure

Max Secure Software

Top 5 reasons of why you need Max PC Secure 1. Safe guard your personal information from spywares and adware 2. Anonymize surfing so that no one acn find out your identity 3. Provides Privacy, Booster and optimizer to remove traces of browsing 4. Encrypt confidential files and folders for complete data safety 5. Prevent junk & annoying banners while you are browsing

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Max PC Privacy is a PC booster tool.

Max PC Privacy

Max Secure Software

Top 5Reasons of why you need Max PC Privacy : 1. Clear all your online and offline activities 2. Prevent personal and confidential data from being viewed 3. Clear & delete cookies before they capture all information 4. Control the access of your computer by outsiders 5. Clear all your recently visited URL's, usernames and passwords

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Boost your computer speed and performance.

System Speedup Wizard


System Speedup Wizard lets you monitor and control all your PC resources with easy, one click instructions. System settings, internet usage, disk clutter, RAM and CPU are all automatically monitor, cleaned and optimized for peak performance. It will speed up & enhance any computer system running Microsoft Windows Vista or XP.

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