Pedometer Software

Keep track of your pedometer steps.

Pedometer Log

Tracker Software

Pedometer Log provides a means to record your daily steps for a year. It will also convert these steps to miles or kilometers and calculate the number of calories (kcal) burned while walking. You can also see a graph of your daily or weekly totals.

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Sports Tools provides sports timing functions



Sports Tools is a software application for the Pocket PC which provides many of the common sports timing functions used in athletics.

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Record and save many hours of phone calls.

Red Call Recorder


Would you like to record phone calls ? 'Red Call Recorder 1.1' is the perfect way. When accepting a call, this program will immediately recognize the caller, than just click the button and start recording. You can pause, or continue recording, all in real time! Also, you can PreScreen the call, this will allow the call to be heard by a third party- on speaker or earphones.

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A fast-paced multiplayer online action game

Legends: The Game

Legends Development Team

Gameplay is not the strafe-strafe-jump-strafe-shoot-strafe-run-like-hell style a lot of games espouse; the addition of a jetpack adds a third dimension of mobility that makes skill, forethought, and restraint necessities to winning. Team sizes are ideal between 10 and 15 on each side, and the network code allows 56k upwards to play smoothly. Game type offerings range from the classic Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Duel to our own new types.

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To print EAN 13 Barcodes Labels



This Softwares permits to print EAN 13 barcodes on differents type of labels page (the default types are AVERY format). It permits to use criterias when printing. It has an import function that permits to import the datas from csv file.

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