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Password manager and personal data store

Easy Peasy Passwords


Easy Peasy Passwords is an easy to use password manager and personal data store with encrypted printout. There are two versions, one for regular hard disk installation and one for pen drives. The pen drive version can be installed to a regular hard disk but requires write access to the program folder which can't always be guaranteed, particularly on networked systems.

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Personal digital wallet for Windows.



Personal digital wallet for Windows, it stores information you ordinarily keep in your wallet, such as phone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, and so on. All your stored information is optionally protected by both data encryption and a personal password.

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Hide and Protect Your Files and Folders.

Final Folder Security(NEW)

Iye Tore

Hide and Protect Your Files and Folders.Faster processing and with new advance data security algorithms. Your data will be inaccessable and invisible from both DOS and windows. It is made keeping in view the general requirements of home and office users of computer. There is always a need of a safe area where you can put your personal materials where no one other than you can access

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Store all/any information by catagory/group



with dataStor you can define structures for storing any sort of data. You can then restructure, sort, export and even print it. Quickly separate information into specific catagories/groups of data, such as Addresses, Things to do, etc. You can view the data from a grid view or specific record level data and then navigate between the records in the catagory/group. Data can also be filtered eg. Show sales where price is less than $100

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