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Protects against spam, viruses, and hoaxes.

Apocgraphy - Full spectrum e-mail protection


Apocgraphy is a program that works with your current e-mail reader analyzing your e-mail and protecting you against a full range of damaging and time wasting e-mails. Key features are: - Spam protection. - Virus protection. - Hoax protection. - Privacy protection. - Works with all POP3 e-mail programs. - Easy configuration. - Extensive automatic whitelisting - Fully configurable. - Unlimited accounts. - Send and receive through Hotmail

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Fun shooting game with cute characters.

Cetus War

Novel Games

The aim of this game is to control Whalie to shoot the enemies. When the enemies are shot, items may appear and you can control Whalie to take them so that he becomes more powerful. When you beat the boss, new weapons will be given to you. There are a total of 16 weapons, giving rise to 243 weapon combinations. So you can play the game again and again using different weapon combinations and you will never get bored.

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JDDM drop down and popup Web Menu

JDDM (Drop Down Menu) S.r.l.

JDDM is a professional Java drop-down and popup Web Menu applet, a comprehensive solution for website navigation. JDDM is browser-independent and highly-configurable, it could be easily customized to fit your website needs and to achieve an unlimited variety of menu appearances and behaviors. JDDM lets you display vertical and horizontal menus with unlimited number of nested pop-up submenus, various color schemes, buttons, fonts, icons and sounds

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Aplus All Media to Mp3 Converter

Aplus All Media to MP3 Converter

Aplus Software Inc.

Aplus All Media to Mp3 Converter is more simply and easy to use. it support Extract audio from video files such as AVI, DivX, Xvid, MPEG, WMV, MOV and save as MP3 / WAV / WMA / OGG format audio files. and you also can set beginning point and ending point to extract if needed .

Software Keywords: wma mpg player wmv xvid ogg


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