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MicroCalendar tray calendar / popup calendar

MicroCalendar - Windows Tray Calendar

C. McNutt

MicroCalendar is a Windows system tray popup calendar. It is small, unobtrusive, and always ready so you can easily check calendar dates without messing up your computer's system time or having to use a resource-intensive application. Features an attractive user interface, a tray icon that shows today's date, displayable week numbers, copy-date-to-clipboard, and form persistence (remembers where you put it last on your screen).

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Tray Calendar for Windows - MicroCalendar

Tray Calendar - MicroCalendar

Tule River Software

MicroCalendar is an reference calendar (i.e. not for recording appointments, but rather for quickly looking up dates). Use it to easily check calendar dates without messing up your computer's system time. It features: an elegant user interface; copy-date-to-clipboard and optional auto-copy of date on selection; customizable date copy format; and the display of one, two, or three months at a time; optional "magnetized" main form, and roll-up.

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quickly and easily rename collections of file

Better File Rename


Better File Rename is a shell extension for the Windows Explorer, which allows users to quickly rename multiple files. This powerful, yet easy-to-use utility transforms the often tedious and time-consuming task of renaming multiple files into a simple matter of seconds.

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Compares SQL Server database schemas

SQL Examiner 2008 R2

TulaSoft, LLC

SQL Examiner 2008 quickly and accurately compares and synchronizes SQL Server database schemas. It merges selected databases with just a few clicks, and delivers precise results by analyzing the dependencies between the objects and your data. Support of key innovations of SQL Server 2008, comparison with backups, command line utility, etc. The new version is enriched with the ability to compare and syncronize your databases with SQL scripts.

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Swiss Army Knife to edit any kind of text.

jalada Textual for Windows

jalada GmbH

jalada Textual is your Swiss Army Knife to edit any kind of text based files. If you need a tool to create, edit or modify your text files. Textual offers many features including syntax highlighting, code folding, regular expression based find and replace operations, code completion, multiple character sets, split views and other useful features that enables you to edit small and also very large text files quicker and more easily.

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