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Acoolsoft PPT2DVD


Acoolsoft PPT2DVD is a creative and professional PowerPoint to DVD conversion tool which empowers you to easily burn PowerPoint to DVD with transitions, animations, sounds and movies retained. PPT2DVD is absorbed in offering the best solution of PowerPoint presentation to DVD for business, training and individuals. Enjoy your presentation, and enjoy our product!

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Securely overwrite and delete files.



Spy tools and disk utilities can easily recover and display files previously deleted by Windows. Delete4Sure protects your privacy by adding a secure delete command to Windows, ensuring that once you delete your files no one will be able to recover and see them. After installing, right-click a file and choose a delete method to delete it forever.

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Extract entries in MS Access.

MS Access Extract Data & Text Software


Extract entries that containing user-specified text in one or more MS Access databases. Extract parts of an entry by specifying starting and ending character(s). Extractions are executed on all tables in the database. Access 2000 or higher required.

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Astronomical event calculator.


Abecedarical Systems

Almanac calculates the equatorial coordinates of the sun, the moon, and the planets. Using these results it can calculate the times of rising, setting, and meridian transit for each of these celestial bodies. Additionally, it can calculate the beginning and ending of astronomical, nautical, and civil twilight. The results of the calculations are formatted and written into a text editor.

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