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TAS Professional 5 (DOS)

TAS Professional 5 Powered by CAS

Computer Accounting Solutions

If your looking for a faster better way to write professional database systems. We think you have found it in TAS Professional Powered by CAS. TAS Professional is designed to be a complete application development tool for DOS systems. It provides application building tools for the programmer new to application development, as well as the seasoned developer demanding professional quality development tools designed to work together.

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HS CRYPTO 1.0 C Source Library

HS Crypto C Source Library

Hillstone Software

HS Crypto is a software library in C (supplied with full source code) which offers a programmer an API to several data encryption / decryption algorithms. Implemented methods include the use of 2 either pre-defined or dynamically generated translation tables, an XOR-based stream cipher method with random dynamic key, plus the library includes RFC1321 MD5 Message Digest Algorithm

Software Keywords: md5 c source library protocol module encryption c source module rfc1321

Programmer utility for printing HTML pages.

Bersoft HTML Print

Bersoft Inc.

This programmer utility for printing HTML pages in an invisible way can be called from your application, passing the page to print as a parameter. By using an .ini file the margins and other printing parameters can be configured.

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spell checks strings, comments in source code



Programmers spelling checker spell checks string literals and comments in source code. Versions from $19 for C/C++, Delphi/Pascal, ini files, Java, JavaHelp, Visual Basic source and forms, Windows rc files and more. Checks entire directory structures to ensure no files are missed. Handles programming conventions ("myVariable.setText", "E&xit" etc.) Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac. Supports English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish.

Software Keywords: c checks rc files code source programmers

CredibleXML 2.1 Converts Files/Streams to XML

CredibleXML 2.1 (.NET Edition)

Crediware LLC

CredibleXML 2.1 (.NET Edition) is an IDE that generates .NET assemblies to parse and transform data into a fully defined XML format. The generated C# object oriented framework gives the programmer easy access to manipulate the resulting XML output. The generated code also outputs DTD, W3C Schema and XML-Data. Free and commercial versions available.

Software Keywords: xml schema streams net dtd

Explorer components for Delphi

ShellBrowser Components for Delphi

JAM Software

The ShellBrowser components give a Delphi programmer easy access to the Win32 shell functionality. The TJamShellList, TJamShellTree and TJamShellCombo components look and behave exactly like the corresponding parts of the Explorer The TShellBrowser component provides an easy interface to the Windows shell interface. For any object all components can show the explorer context menu, the properties page, the correct icon, thumbnail and much more.

Software Keywords: menu shellbrowser pack itemidlist borland explorer

Text To Wave ActiveX DLL

Text To Wave ActiveX DLL

United Research Labs

Text To Wave ActiveX DLL allows programmers to convert any readable text to a spoken wave file or a mp3 file . Ouputs 80+ wave formats XML scripting, ASP Server-Side Scripting for high quality wave production for your web or telephony project.

Software Keywords: text wave sound spoken text to mp3 text to speech

An image tool for programmers & normal users

Image copier


Image copier is a wonderful image tool developed for programmers, artists and normal users. The software contains over 5,000 images (32x32 and 16x16 pixels). Each image is in six different styles, so totally the software equals to contain over 30,000 images. Images can be copied to clipboard and saved as files (gif,jpeg etc). All images can be resampled from 1x1 to 96x96 pixels.

Software Keywords: useful artists programmers users normal

Create database apps anywhere effortlessly.

Data Form ActiveX Control

Neodeck Software

The ndDataForm is an encapsulated interface control that allows any programmer with an ActiveX compliant development environment or document and with minimum knowledge of coding or database skills to create complete database applications in minutes, anywhere, anytime. Even if you are in the middle of a project, or are just starting, you don't need to make any changes to your actual applications to implement the ndDataForm control.

Software Keywords: create entry form applications control

MyLobEditor: Edit Mysql LOB (text,blob) data


Withdata Software

MyLobEditor is a database tool that helps DBA and Database Programmer edit Mysql LOB (text, blob) data directly and import/export LOB data. Main features: 1. Edit LOB data directly. 2. Batch and automatic import/export LOB data. 3. One editor for multiple formats (plain text,RTF,image,hex,html,xml...). 4. Easy to view image data (JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF...) . 5. Calling external tool. 6. Hexadecimal mode to edit unknown type data.

Software Keywords: mysql text edit mysql text mysql import blob mysql export blob mysql lob mysql blob


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