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monitor and query DNS records on DNS servers

DNS Watcher


DNS Watcher is a program designed to monitor and query DNS servers. DNS Watcher is mainly intended for use by webmasters and website operators to keep watch on their DNS entries and make sure the name servers are responding correctly. DNS Watcher allows you to enter a list of server names and host names, and DNS Watcher will query those servers periodically to make sure the servers are providing the correct results.

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Easily query DNS servers for resource records

.NET DNS Component - NetXtremeDns


NetXtremeDns .NET component provides an easy way to query DNS servers for resource record types defined by RFC-1034 and RFC-1035 with a few lines of code.

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Query DNS Servers for mx, a and other records

DNS MX Wizard ActiveX

Seekford Solutions, inc

DNS MX Wizard is an ActiveX control that lets you query a Domain Name System (DNS) server for Mail Exchange(MX) Resource Records(RR). MX RR's contain the name of the server responsible for handling mail for a domain. Multiple resource records can exist for any server and each record has an associated preference level with it which lets you determine which server to try and communicate with first.

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Query DNS servers, like dig or nslookup

Interactive DNS Query


Interactive DNS Query is a program designed to allow you to perform a query of DNS records. It is similar to the unix "dig" or "nslookup" commands, and uses a convenient GUI interface. Interactive DNS Query allows you to query for all types of DNS records, including A, MX, TXT, NS, etc.

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