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Setup Specialist

TG Byte Software GmbH

Setup Specialist offers you a powerful and flexible way to deploy your application to your customers. The advanced customization capabilities of its visual development environment give you complete control of nearly any aspect of the setup process.Setup Specialist's setup programs run under any modern Win32 platform such as Windows 9x/ME, Windows NT/2000/XP providing you with a maximum of compatibility with the OS platforms of your customers.

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Fast and Secure Remote Control Software

Radmin Remote Control

Famatech International Corp.

Remote computer administratiton software. Securely access your computer from any location or perform help and configuration remotely via remote control. Connect via 256-bit AES data encryption, view and change the BIOS settings, turn on, restart and shut down PC. Supports file transfer, multiple users access, voice and text chat, telnet protocol. Features Intels AMT and includes filter tables restricting access to specific IP addresses.

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Protect your sensitive data.

Paragon Encrypted Disk Personal

Paragon Software Group

Protect private and sensitive data from potential unauthorized access. No matter what is your particular needs, protecting your data on computer, sharing one computer between several persons or secured transfer of data to friend, co-worker or boss, Encrypted Disk will help you to fulfill your tasks. You can encrypt virtual disk image with one of modern and reliable encryption algorithms - Encrypted Disk supports Blowfish (448-bit key) and Triple

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Powerful, fast, and easy-to-use Zip utility


WinZip Computing, Inc.

WinZip is the original and most popular of all Windows Zip file utilities. WinZip's flexible user interface accommodates all types of users, from beginners to experienced power users. In addition to basic zipping and unzipping, features include tight integration with Windows Explorer, support for most Internet file formats, advanced AES encryption, and much more. For full information, visit

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Protects PCs from any kind of manipulation

Avira WinRollBack


How is it possible to prevent important settings and configurations on a PC from being manipulated, changed or inadvertently deleted? You can see off this risk with Avira WinRollBack. The program ensures the integrity of your system and offers security against undetected infections, unauthorised program installations and other undesirable system changes.

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True “Set It and Forget It”® Defragmentation

Diskeeper Administrator Edition

Executive Software

Diskeeper 8.0 Administrator Edition is a first-ever tool of its kind, providing controls and views of a network that have never before been available. Busy system administrators can manage Diskeeper 8.0 on any number of machines, from a few to a few thousand. Diskeeper Administrator Edition can deploy, schedule and generate reports including email alerts for low free space and disk problems on every system that has Diskeeper 8.0 installed.

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Diskeeper Professional Edition

Executive Software

It's not your imagination-computer systems really do slow down over time, and disk fragmentation is the cause. Disk fragmentation builds rapidly, causing system slowdowns, slow boot times, crashes, freeze ups, and even total system failures. The only way to obtain full-throttle performance is to keep your systems defragmented.

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MosSync makes mobile development easy


Mobile Sorcery

MoSync makes development of mobile applications and content easier, faster and cheaper.MoSync addresses the creation and porting of mobile applications. Mosync makes the vast ecosystem of C/C++ libraries accessible to mobile developers, even when targeting Java and Symbian! MoSync makes it possible to port applications that you have written in C or C++ to Java or Symbian 2,3 edition. Download MoSync non-commercial for Java and Symbian for free.

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.NET HMI Instrumentation Components

Instrumentation .Net Package

Dragonfly Automation Software

.NET Automation Components including line, shape, valve, pipe, drawing , 3D Components, Indicator, Gauge, ProgressBar, Ruler, Temperature Meter, LED/LCD, Counter and others can be widely applied in many industry HMI applications and Simulation environments

Software Keywords: shape valve custom angular indicator chart

ActiveX Automation HMI Components

Graphic-Chart ActiveX Components

Dragonfly Automation Software

ActiveX Automation Components including Scope, Chart, Plotter, PieChart, BarChart, 3D Components, Indicator, Gauge, ProgressBar, Ruler, Temperature Control, AlphaNumeric LED, Counter and others can be widely applied in many industry HMI applications and Simulation environments

Software Keywords: activex gauge control chart progressbar automation


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