Remoute Control Software

Provides access to your pc WebCam via mobile.


Artobas Group

WapWebCam 1.03 - Provides access to your pc WebCam via mobile phone(wap) also via html. Supports two methods of access to your webcam: using your external IP or by uploading to your FTP account. To view WebCam picture on your mobile phone, just type the link in your phone WAP browser.

Software Keywords: monitoring webcam capture peeper tuner

Zwhois gets owner info for domains in any tld


ZoneEdit, Inc.

Zwhois is a fast and efficient open-source utility that looks up ownership, expiration, and dns information for domains in any tld, ips, or ARIN net-handles.

Software Keywords: domain whois domain name

Extracts bitamps from files of any kind.

Bitmap Extractor

Zexer Research

The most powerful image extraction utility for Windows. With Bitmap Extractor you can extract bitmap images embedded into any files (executables, Windows libraries, resource files etc.) with one mouse click.

Software Keywords: buttons delphi images res libraries

Java to encode/decode Base64 and Baseu


Canadian Mind Products

Base64 is a freeware way of encoding 8-bit characters using only ASCII printable characters similar to UUENCODE. UUENCODE embeds a filename where BASE64 does not. You will see BASE64 used in encoding digital certificates, in encoding user:password string in an Authorization: header for HTTP. The spec is described in RFC 2045. For more details see

Software Keywords: base64 8-bit uudecode decode 6-bit encode


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