Repair Word 2007 Document Software

Docx Repairer Tool to Fix Corrupt Docx Files

Docx Repair

Docx File Repair

Is your Docx file gets damaged and wants to repair it? Don't pester! Obtain award winning SysTools Docx repair tool and repair corrupt Docx file or fix corrupt Word 2007 documents. Docx file recovery software is more powerful Docx repairer tool or Docx file repair utility to repair MS Word 2007 files and recover corrupt Docx file data including texts, images, tables, charts, header & footer etc and allow to save it .Docx and .RTF file format.

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Mac OS X disk template creation program.

Floppy Disk Labeler

NiteOwl Software

This Mac OS X app can help in the process of creating 3.5 floppy diskette labels. Floppy Disk Labeler is a Shareware Mac OS X application that can can be used to print out floppy diskette label template sheets.

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A Laser, Light, and Color Puzzle Game!

Aargon Deluxe

Twilight Games

Bend Lasers, scatter light, and change color to solve these laser logic puzzles. This addictive game will test your skills on over 180 mind bending levels. Tutorials get you started, but expert levels will test any genius! Features a fully integrated level editor, plug and play level packs, new music and sound, and new 3D rendered graphics. Aargon Deluxe: Are you smart enough?

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Periodic on-screen reminders.

Days Away

Pariahware, Inc.

An application that periodically reminds the user of upcoming events by discreetly fading in to focus, pausing for you to read the events, and discreetly fading back out. Just add the date that needs to be remembered by clicking on a calendar, and adding the name of the event. Periodically, Days Away will fade into view so the user can see how many "Days Away" the important date is.

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