Restoring Word Document Software

Word document recovery tool

DOC Regenerator

Dmitriy Primochenko

DOC Regenerator is a brand new recovery solution for lost Microsoft Word documents. It efficiently recovers a separate lost document from an existing partition as well as lost word documents from corrupted, deleted partitions or reformatted disks.

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import access to mysql and backup mysql

MyDbDump pro


MyDbDump is a Powerful database utility that can easily perform the following tasks: Import your Access database to MySQL, Even if a direct access to your MySQL database is denied (no sufficient privileges) by storing your database in a PHP script and by running it once in your server , you will import your Access database to Mysql . store your Mysql database in a PHP script or in a SQL file for making database backups

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Archive emails in HTML for simple viewing

Outlook Express To HTML Converter


Outlook Express To HTML Converter is a simple tool for converting Outlook Express emails to the HTML format. Processed messages can build large email archives where any email can be easily retrieved and viewed in any Internet browser without the need for any mailing software. The user can convert all messages or select them by sender, receiver or time period. In addition to the message, the program also extracts its attachment.

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Math freeware for Macintosh

Graphing Functions

Polymath Love

Middle-School (grades 5 through 9) math program written to provide skills in context. Students find and plot solutions to parabolas, hyperbolas, and absolute value functions using an on-screen Cartesian plane and five moveable points.

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