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Trick Or Treat Halloween Wallpaper

Trick Or Treat Halloween Wallpaper

Scenic Reflections Screensavers

Jack O Lantern is here. Get in the groove of the season, deck up your screen and get ready to scare the world. Download and install right away.

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Scary, Horror Screensaver

Face Off Screensaver

SickScreen Screensavers

This screen saver features 3d decapitated heads bleeding on your screen. Developed using the latest in 3d animation technology these lifelike heads actually scare prying eyes away from your computer.

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Escape the parallel dimension!


Scare yourself silly in this new game brought to you by 2DPlay. Thrill yourself through 33 levels of blood-curdling fun while slaying 3 evil bosses. Race and tilt the skeletal paddle across the dimension to keep up the skull-ball. Break all the enchanted blocks to get to the next level. Collect tantalizingly colorful potions to help you along the way. This is the ultimate break-out game with a scary twist!

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See real-time fantastic show of burning skull

Free Fire Undead ScreenSaver

3D ScreenSaver Downloads

Try Free Undead ScreenSaver that freshenes up your desktop with real-time fantastic show of burning skull. Scare your friends! Relax to the hypnotic imagery!

Software Keywords: desktop screensavers 3d screensaver burning fantastic 3d screensaver download

Halloween Costumes Wallpaper

Halloween Costumes Wallpaper

Scenic Reflections Screensavers

Scare your folks using great ideas. This wallpaper will help. Get in the scary groove for this halloween with this wallpaper. Halloween holiday wallpaper for your computer desktop.

Software Keywords: fear saver costumes halloween screen

Scare babys in Baby-Dreamland

Baby Boh!

Jochen Kaercher Software Development

You are a little devil and it's your job to scare babys. Tell them BOH! and they leave the dreamland waking up from a nightmare. You can also throw your magic ball at them or call a Jack-in-the-Box to assist you. But avoid being caught by the crazy clown or the ghosts. If you score over 10000 points, you receive a Splattercode... No installation required - download and enjoy!

Software Keywords: fun baby devil cute clown

Scare the crows - Protect the corn!

Scarecrow: Heart Of Straw

Hamumu Software

Arcade style game, developed in 48 hours for the 48-hour game contest. You are a scarecrow, and you need to protect the corn from crows, pelicans, and cows by scaring them off with your mighty BOO!. Buy nine different handy powerups between levels. Includes special bonus levels 'Scurvy Pelicans' and 'Moo Mania'. Selectable difficulty level. Won several awards in the contest, don't you at least want to give it a try?

Software Keywords: 48hr arcade boo pelicans cows crows

In the lab of the professor Von Patrick

Horror in the Lab

Free Game

In the lab of the professor Von Patrick, something is happening all the site is so quite, that it' scare to me.

Software Keywords: 3d games free game download games

Terrorifying Halloween Wallpaper

Terrorifying Halloween Wallpaper

Scenic Reflections Screensavers

The symbol of Halloween is here to scare us all. This terrorifying wallpaper is a must have. Download right away and recommend it to all your friends as well.

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Addicting fast paced platformer action

Goose Chase

Gil Zussman

Addicting fast paced platformer action along with rich 3D graphics. Ramble through a zany world; avoid traps and enemies; scare as many geese as you can till their eyes pop out. Adventure? Insanity? nope, just a Goose Chase.

Software Keywords: platformer chase graphics along goose


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