Schumacher Software

MIchael Schumacher Screen Saver

Michael Schumacher Screen Saver


Michael Schumacher - Formula1 World Champion Screen Saver

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Great broom flight race simulator for wizards

Formula Broomstick

This is a Formula One race on brooms! Seventeen tracks in different countries, skill levels, training races, all the fastest brooms to take your pick, and many other cool things. Take part in the Web-contest for top players. Great 3d graphics and sound. This year it is you who have to present your school in the world championship. Play this amazing game and stir your lightning broom like Michael Schumacher driving a Ferrari. Upgrades are free.

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Sexy fitness and aerobics babes of Aerobicise

Aerobicise Official Screen Saver

Sexy fitness babes, bending, stretching, twisting, and sweating right on your desktop. Free. An 80s phenomenon, Aerobicise was the Worlds first aerobics show and had millions of fans around the globe. People Magazine called it, "The Sexiest Show On Television." Now for the first time you can enjoy scenes from this very popular show on your PC with the Official Aerobicise screen saver.

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F1 - 2001 Screen Saver

F1 - 2001 Screen Saver


Join us in a new year of adventure and glory, money and power, glamour and beauty. See your favourite teams, drivers and cars, followed by the famous comments from the previous season. Formula One just get's better all the time.

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